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My Husband Has Hepatitis C Can I Get It

Will Hepatitis Affect My Pregnancy Or Breastfeeding

Hepatitis C: The Baby Boomer Virus: Lucinda K. Porter RN at TEDxGrassValley

People who are pregnant or breastfeeding can be infected with the same STIs and BBVs as people who are not pregnant or breastfeeding.

If you are infected with an STI or BBV during pregnancy it can cause serious health complications for both you and your baby. Complications can include:

  • Infection in the uterus .
  • Passing the infection to the baby causing health conditions.
  • Miscarriage.
  • Premature birth.

Hepatitis B and C can be passed on through blood from a pregnant person to a baby in the uterus , during delivery or during breastfeeding . Hepatitis is not passed on though breast milk.

If you have hepatitis during pregnancy, there are medications that can be used during pregnancy and after delivery to help reduce the chance of hepatitis infection in your baby.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding and considering treatment for an STI or BBV, ask your doctor, nurse or midwife about the possible effects of the treatment or medicine on your baby or breastfeeding.

If you are planning a pregnancy or already pregnant, it is recommended you and your sexual partner/s have STI and BBV screening tests, even if you have been tested in the past. Hepatitis B and C testing are part of a routine antenatal screen. You can speak to your doctor, nurse or midwife for more information.

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Liver Disease C And Pregnancy

Many women conceive during the years in between 20 and 40, which is likewise the age where the incidence of hepatitis C infection is increasing most quickly.

Any woman with risk factors for hepatitis C should be screened for liver disease C prior to and during pregnancy.

The risk of a pregnant woman passing the liver disease C infection to her coming child has actually been related to the levels of quantitative RNA levels in her blood, as well as whether she is also HIV favorable.

The risk of transmission to the infant is less if the mom is HIV unfavorable and if she has no history of i.v. drug use or of blood transfusions.

Transmission of the infection to the fetus is greatest in women with hepatitis C RNA titer greater than 1 million copies/mL. Moms without liver disease C RNA levels spotted did not transmit liver disease C infection to their infants.

There is no preventive treatment at this time that can affect the rate of transmission of the virus from mom to infant.

A pregnant woman with hepatitis will have to be followed by an expert who can examine their liver function tests regularly.

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Should Your Partner Be Tested

Being tested is entirely up to your partner, but its highly recommended. Unless youve shared needles or other instruments, the likelihood that youve shared blood is low. Still, if your partner has HCV, catching it early will be beneficial. Early treatment is one of the best ways to slow and possibly prevent complications from HCV.

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Who Is At Risk

Anyone who has not been vaccinated or previously infected can get infected with the hepatitis A virus. In areas where the virus is widespread , most hepatitis A infections occur during early childhood. Risk factors include:

  • poor sanitation
  • travelling to areas of high endemicity without being immunized.

What Happens If My Child Has Hepatitis C

Hepatitis Prevention and Protection Guide: World Hepatitis ...

Approximately 1 in 5 children with hepatitis C clear the virus on their own. The others become carriers. Even though the virus stays in the liver of children who are carriers, most stay healthy.

Children who are hepatitis C carriers will see their doctors regularly and have blood tests. Treatment is usually not required for many years. However, as the evidence for use of new medications in children becomes available, it is likely that many children with chronic infection will be treated.

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Can You Pass Hepatitis C To A Sex Partner

Sex and Sexuality

Yes, but it is not likely. Compared to hepatitis B virus and the human immunodeficiency virus , it is less likely that you will spread the hepatitis C virus to your sex partner.

If you have one long-term sex partner, and one of you has hepatitis C and one of you does not, you do not need to change your sex habits at all. But, if either you or your partner is worried about the small chance of spreading the hepatitis C virus, you can use latex condoms. This will make it almost impossible to spread the virus. Long-term partners of people with hepatitis C should get tested for the virus. If the test is negative, you will probably not need to repeat it.

If you have more than one sex partner, you are more likely to spread the virus. In this case, reduce the number of sex partners you have, practice safer sex, and always use latex condoms.

There have been outbreaks of sexually transmitted HCV infection among men who have HIV and who have sex with men. It is recommended that men who have sex with men use condoms to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted HCV and other sexually transmitted infections.

What To Know About Hepatitis C During Oral And Anal Sex

Oral sex does not pose an increased risk of transmitting the hepatitis C virus, according to the American Liver Foundation, unless there are open sores or cuts in the mouth. To be safe, however, the CDC recommends using a new latex condom whenever you have oral sex to reduce the risk of transmitting hepatitis and sexually transmitted infections like HIV.

Anal sex is high-risk, though, because rectal tissue is fragile and can easily tear when manipulated or pushed to expand. If the tissue tears and bleeds, theres a chance for blood-to-blood contact. For this reason, its best to always use a condom during anal sex. Its also important to liberally apply water- or silicone-based lubricant to keep anal tissue and condoms from tearing.

If you use sex toys, it may be safest to avoid sharing them. If youre engaging in rough sex that results in skin tears, even tiny traces of infected blood that remain on a toy can pass through openings in the skin although the risk of spreading bloodborne diseases remains very low. Whats more, the human papilloma virus has been transmitted via sex toys, even after cleaning.

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Can A Man Pass Hepatitis C To His Child

It is possible to obtain pregnant if you or your partner has hepatitis C. If you are a man with hepatitis C, and your female partner does not have liver disease C , then there is no chance that the baby will contract the virus from the mom.

If you are a pregnant woman who currently has liver disease C , the opportunity of passing the infection to your baby is low, less than 5 percent.

The risk becomes greater if the mother has both liver disease C and HIV. With correct prenatal care, babies born to hepatitis C-positive moms or daddies are typically rather healthy.

If you are pregnant and have hepatitis C, the chance of your baby being infected with liver disease C is the same whether your baby is born by vaginal delivery or c-section. With either technique of delivery, the opportunity is around 5%, which is extremely low.

Almost A Month Since He’s Been Off Triple Therapy

‘I bought cheap copy of Hep C drug abroad’ BBC News
  • Common Reactions of Caregivers
  • Protect Yourself from HCV Infection
  • Sexual Transmission
  • The HCV Patient During Treatment
  • Depression, Anxiety, Irritability and Mania
  • Resources

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Who Should Be Vaccinated For Hepatitis B

All newborns should be vaccinated. Also, people who are under 18 who were not vaccinated at birth should also get the vaccine. Other groups who should be sure to be vaccinated are those in certain high-risk categories, such as:

  • People who have more than one sexual partner.
  • Men who have sex with men.
  • Adults with diabetes.
  • Sexual partners of infected people and people who share households with infected individuals.
  • People who are exposed to blood and other bodily fluids, including healthcare and public safety professionals, and people who work in jails and other places taking care of people who cant take care of themselves.

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What Happens If You Dont Tell Your Partner You Have Hepatitis C

Your partner may respond with a range of emotions if you dont tell them and they find out. You also risk transmitting HCV and having the infection spread to other people.

Since the immediate risk of transmitting HCV is low, you could have a relationship without your partner knowing about your condition. However, its always better to be honest than to hide something that could seriously damage your relationship in the future.

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Hepatitis B And Safe Sex

All three forms of viral hepatitis may be transmitted sexually, although hepatitis B is most commonly transmitted sexually, explains Michael B. Fallon, MD, professor of medicine at The University of Texas Medical School in Houston. Once you have been diagnosed with hepatitis B, you should tell your partner so he or she can be tested. If your partner does not have hepatitis B, and is not already immune to hepatitis B, a vaccine is recommended.

Sexual partners of individuals with hepatitis B should consider vaccination to prevent acquiring infections, says Fallon. Hepatitis B immune globulin which works like an antibody, quickly fighting infection can also be given to a partner who has been exposed to your body fluids within two weeks after exposure to prevent infection. Even after your partner has been vaccinated, you should always use a condom.

How Is It Treated

Life After Hepatitis C: Long

To recover, you should eat a well-balanced, low fat diet, and make sure you rest and get some exercise. It is best to avoid alcohol and drugs, as well as sexual contact, until you are better. If you are using any other medicines, check with your doctor that they dont affect your liver.

There are vaccines available for hepatitis A and hepatitis B. These stop you getting the infection if the first place.

There are now some antiviral treatments for hepatitis C, so talk to your doctor about these.

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More Ways To Reduce The Risk Of Infection

If you arent sure whether you have hepatitis C, get tested. Testing is especially important if you have sex with more than one person or if you have other risk factors for hepatitis C, including being born being 1945 and 1965, having had a blood transfusion prior to 1992, and injecting drugs .

Talk to your partner about getting tested as well, for hepatitis C and other STDs, so you know the risks before having sex. People who are at risk for hepatitis C are also at risk for HIV and other STDs, emphasizes Talal.

How Do You Tell Your Partner About Your Hepatitis C Diagnosis

Honesty is always the best policy. A diagnosis can be challenging to learn. Sharing it with another person can be stressful. If the two of you can handle this together, though, itll be better for you both in the long run.

You may feel more comfortable having a medical professional with you to help inform your partner. Make an appointment with your healthcare provider and ask your partner to attend.

Once the diagnosis is clear, the two of you can go over what it means for you, for your partner, and for the future.

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Articles On Hepatitis C

If youve just been diagnosed with hepatitis C, you may wonder how you got it and worry about passing on the virus to a loved one. If youve had the disease for a long time without knowing it, you could dwell on every little incident in the past where you might have accidentally exposed a family member to the disease.

Its important to remember that hepatitis C isnt easy to catch. If you take a few precautions, its almost impossible to pass on the disease to someone else.

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If My Husband Has Hepititis C And I Dont Can I Have A Baby With Him

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Hi Anonymous,

Sure you can.

Hepatitis C is transmitted primarily by exposure to blood containing the hepatitis C virus. Transmission rarely occurs from exposure to other infected body fluids, such as semen.

If you’re in a long-term, monogamous relationship with a partner who has hepatitis C, your risk of sexual transmission is low 0 to 0.6 percent a year. For these monogamous couples, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention doesn’t recommend routine condom use to prevent transmission. But couples should avoid sharing razors, toothbrushes and nail clippers.

The risk of transmission is slightly higher about 1 percent a year if you have multiple short-term sexual relationships with partners who have hepatitis C. This risk increases if a partner is also infected with HIV. Under these circumstances, the CDC recommends routine condom use to reduce your risk of transmission.

If you’re concerned about hepatitis C, talk to your doctor. Hepatitis C can be diagnosed by a blood test. Treatment may include medications to help clear the virus from the bloodstream.


If you don’t want to take the 0.6% chance of getting Hepatitis C from your husband through sex, he can get treatment for Hepatitis C to help clear his bloodstream and then you can try conceiving or you can speak to your doctor about other methods of conception.

Best Wishes,

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But Even If Youve Been Cured It Can Have Lifelong Health Implications

Hepatitis C is a lot more than just a liver disease, Reau says. It has been associated with many medical conditions, such as an increased risk of developing diabetes, kidney disease and cancer.

While curing hepatitis C significantly reduces the risk of serious complications, like liver failure, liver cancer and the need for transplantation, it doesnt completely eliminate the health risks associated with the disease.

Hep C is linked to scarring of the liver or cirrhosis and the more scar tissue that develops, the greater the likelihood of complications, Reau says. If there is a lot of scarring, you will need lifelong monitoring.

Reau also recommends leading a healthy lifestyle to help prevent re-infection and further liver damage: Limit alcohol consumption, control your weight, avoid high-risk activities and manage diabetes if you have it.

Hepatitis And Sex: Frequently Asked Questions

Itâs widely known that viral hepatitis can spread through consuming contaminated food or sharing dirty hypodermic needles. But the liver-destroying disease can also sometimes be spread through sexual contact. Hereâs what you need to know to protect yourself.

How many kinds of viral hepatitis are there?

Scientists have identified at least five types of viral hepatitis that lead to liver problems. In the U.S., the main threats are hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C.

Can all types be spread by sexual contact?

Hepatitis A spreads via fecal-oral contact, which can occur if there is direct oral-anal contact or contact with fingers or objects that have been in or near the anus of an infected person. If even a microscopic amount of virus-laden feces gets into the mouth, infection potentially can result.

Are men and women equally at risk of getting and spreading hepatitis through sex?

The risk is determined by a personâs behavior, not their gender, although some studies have shown that it is easier for a man to transmit HCV to a woman than vice versa.

Men who have sex with men are 10 to 15 times more likely than the general population to be infected with hepatitis B.

How can I make sure my partner is free of hepatitis before we have sex?

Are some sex acts especially likely to transmit hepatitis?

Any sexual activity that might cause abrasions, cuts, or other trauma is especially risky.

Is it possible to catch hepatitis from kissing?

Show Sources

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What Should I Know If Im Dating Someone With Hepatitis C

The primary concern is contracting HCV. Living with a person puts you at risk but only if you come into contact with their blood. The virus is not spread by:

  • hugging
  • coughing
  • sneezing

You can contract HCV through sexual contact but the risk is low. Stay informed so you can take proper precautions. This will greatly reduce your risk of contracting HCV.

The more comfortable you feel with the diagnosis and what needs to be done to reduce the possible spread of the virus, the better you will feel when caring for your partner and building a relationship together.

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Risk Of Contracting Hepatitis C From Your Spouse

Hepatitis A Infection

Hepatitis C, variously known as hep C or HCV, is the name given to the condition of severe inflammation and inflammation of the liver. The root cause behind this life threatening disease is over-consumption of alcohol. This gives rise to severe liver scarring or cirrhosis making the patient susceptible to hepatitis C. Now, being a highly contagious pathogen, hepatitis C virus can spread easily if the infected blood comes in contact with healthy blood through some means or the other.

One of the ways of acquiring hepatitis C virus without being overtly alcoholic is by coming in contact with an already infected person sexually. If the act of sexual intercourse is done without the use of condoms, the semen or the vaginal fluids may transfer the virus to the other person or there maybe bloodshed of a minor kind during the course of the act, through which also, the virus can spread.

Now ironically, a healthy person with a single sexual partner has a higher chance of developing hepatitis C infection than someone with multiple partners. This is because a monogamous person will tend to not use condoms much with his or her spouse as the level of comfort increases. In the case of a person with more than one partner, this normally would not be the case and would show a certain amount of inhibition.

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