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Life Insurance For Hepatitis B Carrier

Best Life Insurance Companies For Hepatitis B

Chinese Hepatitis B carriers face discrimination – 22 Dec 08

Some insurers will provide you with better rates when you disclose certain medical conditions, including hepatitis. You will have plenty of options, especially if you dont have chronic hepatitis.

Also, there are regular changes to underwriting so some insurers will view medical conditions differently over time.

Burial Insurance Underwriting If You Have Hepatitis B

Burial insurance companies have two ways of underwriting.

FIRST They ask you a series of health questions. Your answers to their questions will determine your eligibility.

SECOND They will electronically review your prescription history. Your Hepatitis B medications will give them a clear picture of your current and past medical treatments.


Here are some examples of how burial companies ask about Hepatitis B in their health questions:

  • Have you ever had, or been diagnosed with, or received or been advised to receive treatment or medication for: liver disease or condition such as chronic hepatitis or cirrhosis of the liver?
  • During the past 24 months, have you been diagnosed or treated for liver disease?
  • Have you been diagnosed within the prior 2 years with or received, or been advised to receive treatment for Chronic hepatitis, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, or liver cirrhosis?

You will also notice that some insurance companies do not specifically ask about Hepatitis B in the health questionnaire. However, they ask if you have liver disease. You need to answer yes to liver disease question since Hepatitis B is a form of liver disease.

If you have a history of Hepatitis B, do inform us immediately so that we will be able to place you with an insurance carrier that never asks about Hepatitis B. An insurance carrier that never asks about a specific medical condition will approve you for their best plan.


When Should You Call Your Doctor

if you have been diagnosed with hepatitis B and you have severe dehydration or these signs of liver failure:

  • Extreme irritability.
  • Extreme sleepiness.
  • Swelling of the arms, legs, hands, feet, belly, or face.
  • Heavy bleeding from the nose, mouth, or rectum , or under the skin.
  • Yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes.
  • You have risk factors for hepatitis B, such as handling blood or body fluids as a routine part of your job or having many sex partners.
  • You have any symptoms of hepatitis B, such as a headache, feeling tired, or an upset stomach.
  • Someone in your household has been diagnosed with hepatitis B.
  • Your sex partner has been diagnosed with hepatitis B.
  • You have been bitten by or exposed to the blood or body fluids of someone who has hepatitis B.

In most areas, public health clinics or health departments are able to diagnose and provide low-cost assessment and treatment of hepatitis B.

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Persons With Chronic Diseases

Refer to Immunization of Persons with Chronic Diseases in Part 3 for additional general information about vaccination of people with chronic diseases.

Chronic renal disease and patients on dialysis

People with chronic renal disease may respond sub-optimally to HB vaccine and experience more rapid decline of anti-HBs titres, and are therefore recommended immunization with a higher vaccine dose. Individuals undergoing chronic dialysis are also at increased risk for HB infection. In people with chronic renal disease anti-HBs titre should be evaluated annually and booster doses using a higher vaccine dose should be given as necessary.

Neurologic disorders

People with conditions such as autism spectrum disorders or demyelinating disorders should receive all routinely recommended immunizations, including HB-containing vaccine.

Chronic liver disease

HB immunization is recommended for non-immune persons with chronic liver disease, including those infected with hepatitis C, because they are at risk of more severe disease if infection occurs. Vaccination should be completed early in the course of the disease, as the immune response to vaccine is suboptimal in advanced liver disease. Post-immunization serologic testing may be used to confirm vaccine response.

Non-malignant hematologic disorders

Persons with bleeding disorders and other people receiving repeated infusions of blood or blood products are considered to be at higher risk of contracting HB and should be offered HB vaccine.

How Final Expense Companies React To Hepatitis

How To Get Life Insurance With Hepatitis A,B, and C (2021)

To begin with, its important to understand that the summary of your health issues will dictate what options you will have. With that, below are all the possible outcomes you could experience when applying for burial insurance with hepatitis.

Youve Had Hepatitis C Within The Last 24 Months

At best, you will be offered a plan where you simply pay a higher premium. Your policy would still pay a full death benefit starting on the very first day. Liberty Bankers Life offers this incredible value. We represent them and can help you secure a policy. Not only are they the only carrier that offers full immediate protection, they would also be the least expensive.

If you dont qualify with Liberty Bankers, you are looking at a policy where it costs extra and it pays some benefits during the first two years. Most companies will call it a graded plan. These kinds of plans usually pay 30-40% of your death benefit if you pass during the first year. During the second year, they pay 70-80% of your death benefit. There are many companies that offer hepatitis applicants a graded plan.

You Had Hepatitis C Over 24 Months Ago

More than likely you underwent a Harvoni treatment. Being hepatitis C free is a reality for many people because of this drug. If you are in this situation, your options become considerably better now that its been over 2 years.

Youve Had Hepatitis A Or B Within The Last 24 Months

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How To Prepare For Your Term Life Insurance Application

Educate yourself, be sure that you know the diagnosis and severity of your illness before applying, as well as your latest liver function test results and viral loads. Insurance companies tend to get uneasy when an applicant is not well informed of their illness, as it could indicate a lack of follow-up with doctors or a reduced desire to manage the illness.

Visit your doctor to make sure that your medical records are up to date, including all the testing that is routinely performed for a hepatitis illness.

Signs And Symptoms Of Hepatitis

People with chronic forms of hepatitis dont typically notice symptoms because the disease develops so slowly. However, people who develop acute infections that cause hepatitis usually have noticeable sudden symptoms.

They may have a loss of appetite, extreme fatigue and flu-like symptoms. Urine may be dark and stools may be pale. Many experience unexplained weight loss and abdominal pain.

Because the liver is not filtering properly, some people may have a yellowing of the eyes called jaundice, a buildup of bilirubin yellow pigment derived from dead red blood cells. The liver normally gets rid of bilirubin, so jaundice is a sign of a serious liver malfunction.

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Can You Arrange Life Insurance If You Have Hepatitis B

If you have been diagnosed with Hepatitis B then you should be able to arrange life insurance, however, it can be a little more tricky than some other types. Hepatitis B is passed through blood or sexual contact and is rare in the UK but if you’ve travelled to South East Asia or Sub-Saharan Africa then you may have been exposed to it. It can also be passed from mother to child as well as if you’re a healthcare worker, have had unprotected sex or have injected drugs. Most adults who have Hepatitis B will go through an acute period of symptoms such as fever, aches, diarrhoea and/or jaundice after which they will recover. As with most other types of the Hepatitis virus, your application for life insurance is likely to be postponed if you are in the acute period.

If you’ve made a recovery and are in no need of any further treatment for Hepatitis B then life insurance should be fairly simple to arrange as long as you follow the guidance I provide at the end of this article. However, if you continue to receive treatment in order to control the effects of the virus on your liver, it will be categorised as chronic. Life insurance can still be arranged, however, it will be dependent on how well the treatment is working which will be indicated in your liver function test results.

Hepatitis A Hepatitis B Hepatitis C

Why no medication for a hepatitis B carrier

Hepatitis is a general term referring to inflammation of the liver. The usual cause is a viral infection. However, toxins and drugs may also induce liver inflammation.

Symptoms of acute hepatitis may include loss of appetite, nausea, fatigue, fever, vague abdominal discomfort, jaundice, muscle aches, and dark urine. Because the symptoms can be very mild, some people are not aware that they have had a bout of hepatitis.

In others, liver inflammation is completely silent, only to be discovered upon routine blood testing. Liver enzymes tend to rise significantly. Serum bilirubin level often rises as well. This causes yellowing of the skin.

Viral forms of hepatitis include Hepatitis A , Hepatitis B , and Hepatitis C . There are additional forms of hepatitis, but they will not be discussed here.

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Can You Get Sick Pay Insurance If You’ve Been Diagnosed With Hepatitis

Sick pay insurance, which is often referred to as Income Protection, is a policy that would pay you an income if you were unable to do your normal job due to an accident or illness. The time that you may have taken off work due to your Hepatitis diagnosis will be relevant here, but a full recovery and no indication of any ongoing symptoms will stand you in good stead when arranging sick pay insurance. In truth, it is unlikely that you’ll be able to find suitable cover that is tailored to your needs without the help and guidance of an independent life and sick pay insurance specialist. See below for more information on who you should contact.

Is Hepatitis B A Critical Illness

Hepatitis B is transmitted through bodily fluids and can be transmitted from a mother to a child at birth or by adults who share intravenous needles or engage in unprotected sex.

Unfortunately, hepatitis B is not curable, but its also not a critical illness.

There are two types of hepatitis B, acute and chronic. In either case, a carrier of the disease can spread the disease, so regular checkups are required for treatment. However, insurance companies are interested in monitoring customers with chronic hepatitis B.

Acute hepatitis B patients will typically resolve symptoms within six months. Although the disease will continue to exist in their systems and they can continue to transmit the disease, they are usually safe from long-term liver damage or liver cirrhosis. The danger of acute hepatitis B patients carrying and transmitting the disease to others speaks to the importance of having everyone vaccinated.

India still has a large number of its population who have not received the vaccine, and insurance companies, both health and life insurance, struggle to ensure against outbreaks of the disease. This makes getting hepatitis B insurance coverage in India a complex problem.

Insurance companies must manage hepatitis B chronic versus carrier cases differently. Chronic hepatitis B can lead to serious liver damage and is not curable.

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Compare Rates From Top Providers

Each insurance company will have a slightly different underwriting and rating system. That means that the quotes you get from two different companies could vary wildly.

companies are going to offer applicants with Hep B lower rates compared to other companies. The best way to get better insurance rates is to make sure you ware working with an insurance carrier that understands how to underwrite for your specific case.

Our independent insurance agents work with the best insurance companies across the country and know exactly which company will match up best with your specific needs.

Underwriting For Chronic Hepatitis B

HBV Diagnosis &  Classification

The primary questions to be asked of a proposed insured that presents with this history are:

  • Age at diagnosis and what are the average LFT readings especially the ALT?
  • Any diagnosis of fibrosis or cirrhosis?
  • Has any testing been done ?…normal results?
  • Have any medications been prescribed?… or any treatment w/ anti-viral drugs?
  • Amount and frequency of any alcohol use?
  • Frequency of follow up with doctor and testing results?

Underwriting decisions for chronic hepatitis B will be varied depending on the severity of the disease and how long a person has been infected. A Table 2-4 is typically what youll be looking at for a starting point, but Standard offers are possible with evidence of excellent control, normal liver function tests, negative biopsies, and good doctor’s follow-ups. will help you gather the information needed.

As always, we’re here to help you answer questions, and provide the best underwriting services possible to help you place cases.

to contact our underwriter, Mike Woods, with specific underwriting questions about chronic hepatitis B.

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Now Will We Be Able To Help Out Everyone Who Has Been Previously Diagnosed With Hepatitis

No, probably not. But what we can tell you is that in addition to offering a wide variety of different term and whole life insurance policies, IBUSA has also worked very hard to establish relationships with many of the Best Final Expense Insurance Companies as well so that in the event that someone isnt able to qualify for a traditional life insurance policy, chances are there may be some other type of product that you CAN qualify for.

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What All This Means For You

The good news about applying for term life insurance when you have hepatitis is yes, you can qualify for coverage! Your outcome and resulting premium cost will depend greatly on a number of factors, including the type of hepatitis, your treatment history, the level of control, follow up, your medical history and more. While you can control the outcome to some extent through good follow up and lifestyle habits, other uncontrollable factors will come into play when the life insurance company reviews your application.

As always, please discuss your situation with your life insurance agent or broker, and provide as much information as you can. They will help direct you to the best life insurance company based on your individual circumstances. And if you are not pleased with the offer you receive, you can always apply with another company.

How Underwriters View Hepatitis And Insurability

The Hepatitis B patient experience: Geraldine

Life insurance underwriters evaluating applications from individuals with a history of hepatitis will want documentation regarding the type of disease , onset of disease, the absence or presence of symptoms, the results of liver function tests and, some instances, biopsies, as well as an assessment of how a patient has responded to treatment.

Just as there is variation in hepatitis and how it affects an individuals health in the short term and long run, there is variation in offers of insurance to those affected. Completely resolved cases of acute hepatitis A or B may receive preferred or standard offers even though antigens are present. In chronic hepatitis and hepatitis C cases, underwriters will evaluate the degree of enzyme elevation, stage of liver disease and quality of life, to when rating offers. Although many companies will decline chronic hepatitis C outright, some will consider individuals who have been cured for at least two years as documented by negativehepatitis screens.

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