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How Long Does It Take To Cure Hepatitis C

How Is It Treated

How to treat hepatitis C

Experts recommend that nearly everyone who has hepatitis C receive treatment. Talk with your doctor about whether you should get treatment. Current treatments for hepatitis C almost always work.

Taking care of yourself is an important part of the treatment for hepatitis C. Some people with hepatitis C don’t notice a change in the way they feel. Others feel tired, sick, or depressed. You may feel better if you exercise and eat healthy foods. To help prevent further liver damage, avoid alcohol and illegal drugs and certain medicines that can be hard on your liver.

Book Review: Stamped: Racism Antiracism And You Jason Reynolds Ibram X Kendi


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Treatment Of Relapse Or Non

Sometimes you may need to take a different combination of medicines if your first round of treatment didn’t work very well. If it was not done before, your doctor may do a test to find out which genotype caused the infection. This may help the doctor choose a medicine that is more likely to cure the infection.

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Are There Ways To Cure Hepatitis C Other Than With Medications

Patients sometimes ask whether there are ways to treat hepatitis C other than taking medicines. Currently, there are no vaccines to prevent hepatitis C. Once a person is infected, the only way to treat it is with prescribed antiviral medications.

Some patients worry that having hepatitis C means they will need a liver transplant. Only a very small fraction of people with hepatitis C require a liver transplant. By far, most people with hepatitis C never need a liver transplant. A transplant is performedonlywhen damage to the liver is extremely advanced and the liver is unable to perform its basic functions. A transplant provides a new working liver, but a transplant does not get rid of the hepatitis C virus in the patient. Patients with a liver transplant still need antiviral medication to cure their virus.

Who Can Take It

How Long Should You Follow

Hepatitis C has six different genotypes. Each genotype has different genetic material, and some respond to medicine better than others. In the U.S., genotype 1 is the most common. It makes up about 75% of all U.S. cases.

The FDA approved Harvoni to treat hepatitis C genotypes 1, 4, 5, and 6 in adults and children.

Your doctor can also prescribe it if you have hep C along with:

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What Are The Symptoms Of Hepatitis C

You may have hepatitis C and not have any signs or symptoms.

For those who do have symptoms, you may experience:

  • fever
  • nausea and vomiting
  • jaundice

Hepatitis C can lead to liver damage, as it causes swelling . This swelling causes scarring of the liver, which affects how the organ functions.

Liver scarring can worsen . This increases your chances of getting liver cancer.

How quickly your liver undergoes damage will depend on if you:

About 60% to 70% of people with hepatitis C do not develop symptoms until their liver has already been damaged.

Who Is Most At Risk Of Contracting Hepatitis C

You have a high risk of contracting hepatitis C if you:

  • use or have used injection drugs even if it was just once or many years ago
  • have received blood or blood products or an organ transplant before July 1990 in Canada
  • have been in jail or
  • have been injected or scratched during vaccination, surgery, blood transfusion or a religious/ceremonial ritual in regions where hepatitis C is common.

You have a high moderate risk of contracting hepatitis C if you:

  • have tattoos or body piercing
  • have multiple sexual partners
  • have a sexually transmitted infection , including HIV or lymphogranuloma venereum
  • have experienced traumatic sex or rough sex or have used sex toys or fisting that can tear body tissue
  • have vaginal sex during menstruation
  • have received a kidney treatment
  • have received an accidental injury from a needle or syringe
  • have another infectious disease
  • were born to a hepatitis C infected mother or
  • have a sexual partner infected with hepatitis C.

Hepatitis C is NOT passed from person to person by:

  • coughing, sneezing
  • breastfeeding unless your nipples are cracked and bleeding or
  • oral sex, unless blood is present.

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Stamped: Racism Antiracism And You By Ibram X Kendi And Jason Reynolds

Liz recommended this book to me as an excellent, succinct, accessible history of racism and antiracism, and she was right. This is an outstanding introduction to, or review of, the concepts of race and racism in this country, in the context of world history. Its truly for everyone: those new to such a history will find it manageable, and those not new will learn something new or at least have that larger picture race in America within world history clarified in useful ways. The audiobook is just four hours long, and every minute of it is engrossing. I wholeheartedly second Lizs recommendation.

The opening chapter begins,

This is not a history book. I repeat, this is not a history book. At least not like the ones youre used to reading in school. The ones that feel more like a list of dates , with an occasional war here and there, a declaration , a constitution , a court case or two, and, of course, the paragraph thats read during Black History Month . This isnt that. This isnt a history book. Or, at least, its not that kind of history book. Instead, what this is, is a book that contains history. A history directly connected to our lives as we live them right this minute. This is a present book.

I found Reynoldss audio narration completely lovely, and would listen to anything else he reads.

What Can People Do To Help The Medications Work Best

Curing Hard-to-Treat Hepatitis C
  • Take the medications every day
  • Stay in touch with pharmacy to be sure that all refills are ready on time
  • Take the medications exactly as prescribed
  • Do not skip doses
  • Get all blood tests done on time
  • Go to all visits with providers as recommended
  • Tell the provider about all other medications that are being taken – including over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, herbs, and supplements
  • Complete the entire course of medication

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How Do Doctors Treat Autoimmune Hepatitis

Doctors treat autoimmune hepatitis with medicines that suppress, or decrease the activity of, your immune system, reducing your immune systems attack on your liver. The medicines doctors most often prescribe are corticosteroidsprednisone or prednisolonewith or without another medicine called azathioprine.

Doctors typically start with a relatively high dose of corticosteroids and then gradually lower the dose. Your doctor will try to find the lowest dose that works for you. Your doctor will use blood tests to find out how you are responding to the treatment. A decrease in levels of the liver enzymes alanine transaminase and aspartate transaminase shows a response to treatment. ALT and AST falling to normal levels shows a full response. In some cases, a doctor may repeat a liver biopsy to confirm the response to treatment and find out whether the damage has resolved.

Treatment can relieve symptoms and prevent or reverse liver damage in many people with autoimmune hepatitis. Early treatment of autoimmune hepatitis can lower the chances of developing cirrhosis and other complications. A minority of people who have no symptoms or only a mild form of the disease may or may not need medicines.

What Does It Mean To Have A Successful Treatment What Is A Sustained Virologic Response

In an untreated state, the hepatitis C virus infects the cells of the liver and then continuously lives there, making copies of itself that circulate in the bloodstream. Antiviral medications can destroy the ability of the virus to reproduce, so the amount of virus in the bloodstream then decreases. The amount of virus in the blood is measured by aviral load.

Treatment is successful when the viral load drops toundetectablelevels, which means the virus cannot be detected in the bloodstream at all. The viral load becomes undetectable during treatment and remains undetected after treatment has ended. If there is still no detectable virus in the blood 12 weeks after the end of the treatment, the treatment was successful. This is called a Sustained Virologic Response .

A patient who has achieved an SVR is considered to be cured of the hepatitis C virus.

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What Do You Do If You Become Ill

Talk to your health care provider about getting tested if you think you:

If you have hepatitis C, tell those who may have been exposed to your blood or bodily fluids. They should get tested and be treated if necessary. Bodily fluids, like semen and vaginal fluid, are a concern because they could be carrying small amounts of infected blood.

Some adults with hepatitis C will recover from the disease on their own within 6 months. Until your health care provider confirms your recovery status, you are still contagious and can spread the disease.

After recovery, you are no longer contagious because you will not have the disease anymore. But you can get hepatitis C again.

Unfortunately, most adults with hepatitis C:

  • cannot recover on their own
  • develop a more serious form of the disease if they are sick for longer than 6 months

Spring 2020 Kids Indie Next List

Are You Fearful of Hepatitis C Treatment?

This is a book about big ideas. Ideas that, in the past, have only been laid out and talked about by adults. Now, Jason Reynolds has taken those ideas and traced them clearly through history so they can be presented and understood by a younger audience. Today, everyone grows up in a world affected by racism, so everyone should be able to understand its origins and the ways it creeps into the world. In Stamped, Reynolds speaks directly to young readers to give them the tools to understand the many forms racism can take, how they came to be, and how to deal with them. Bryce Lucas, 57th Street Books, Chicago, IL

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Stamped: Racism Antiracism And You Study Guide

Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and Youis a “remixed” version of Ibram X. Kendi‘s award-winning history book, Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America . Kendi’s 2016 Stamped, which won the National Book Award in the year of its release, comprehensively analyzes America’s relationship with racism. Kendi’s book was met with rave reviews, and many readers were frustrated that the history they had been taught throughout school failed to discuss racism. In an interview with NPR released in 2020, Kendi explained that he wanted to “give young people access to this history by collaborating with a writer who could take his facts and write it for a younger audience.” Kendi immediately thought of Jason Reynolds, the celebrated author of young adult bestsellers such as Long Way Down and All American Boys.

Because Reynolds primarily works in the genre of fiction, he was initially hesitant to accept Kendi’s offer. However, Reynolds quickly became excited by the opportunity to craft an engaging historical narrative for younger readers. In 2019, Reynolds spoke to Time magazine and described his writing process. “I settled into it and I tried to figure out, if Im 16, what makes me want to read this book? And the answer is always going to be subversion. So the book starts: This is not a history book,’ Reynolds said.

Stamped: Racism Antiracism And You: A Remix Of The National Book Awardwinning Stamped From The Beginning

Get Print. Get Digital. Get Both!

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Stamped Facing Removal From Texas Hs Reading List After Parent Grievance

A parent at Westwood High School in Austin, Texas is attempting to remove Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You by Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi from the schools reading list.

His grievance was dismissed at the first two levels within the The Round Rock Independant School District . However, at the encouragement of some Trustee members in the district, hes taking his complaint to Level III. This is the last rung in the RRISD grievance ladder. If his appeal is granted, the complaint goes into a closed door session.

While it is not strictly a history book, Stamped: Racism, Antiracism and You speaks about racismand anti-racismin America. It shares the ideas in an accessible manner for young readers. Its been praised by Publishers Weekly, Parents Magazine, and Kirkus Reviews, to name a few publications.

Although Stamped is highly regarded as required reading, this parent is determined to prevent it from being recommended. In order for children and young adults to become knowledgeable, they need the proper tools. This parent seeks to remove that right from students hands.

By signing up you agree to our terms of use has a petition circulating to help stop the attempted removal. They need a minimum of 2,500 signatures to make an impact. The petition asks: Do you believe that one person should have the power to control what your children can read?

About Jason Reynolds Ibram Kendi

NY Cures Hep C Campaign: âLearn about Hepatitis C Treatmentâ? Animated Video

Jason Reynolds is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of many books, including When I Was the Greatest, Boy in the Black Suit, All American Boys , As Brave as You, For Every One, the Track series , Long Way Down, and Look Both Ways. He is a two-time National Book Award finalist the recipient of a Newbery Honor, a Printz Honor, and multiple Coretta Scott King Honors and the winner of a Kirkus Prize, two Walter Dean Myers Awards, and an NAACP Image Award, among other honors. He lives in Washington, D….

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Contagious And Incubation Periods

The incubation periodthe time it takes for symptoms to appear after the hepatitis C virus has entered your bodyis from 2 weeks to 6 months. But not all people have symptoms when they are first infected.

You can spread the virus to someone else at any time after you are infected, even if you don’t have symptoms.

Is It Any Good

Jason Reynolds’ extraordinary gifts with language make reading this history with commentary feel almost like listening to a freestyle rap artist. It’s an ambitious experiment with a few flaws. Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi set out to make Stamped something other than a history book. Rather than a list of dates or an interpretation of the same major historical events, it mixes historical facts with commentary to trace a history of ideas. That makes it a fun departure from books that aim to teach about events, but the idea that it’s “not a history book” doesn’t quite ring true. Readers should be aware that the authors present a strong, subjective point of view, not a neutral investigation. At times, it seems stories were cherry-picked to support the thesis instead of a thesis being crafted around the most significant historical events. Still, it’s an entertaining and important read.

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Talk To Your Kids About

  • Families can talk about the heroes and role models who are criticized or lauded in Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You. What do you think of the authors’ statements about W.E.B. Du Bois, Abraham Lincoln, Angela Davis, and others?

  • Stamped is written in a casual, humorous style. Did that help you to stay interested in the material?

  • The authors repeat numerous times, “This is not a history book.” Do you agree? If Stamped isn’t a history book, what kind of book would you call it?

  • Publication date: March 20, 2020
  • Publisher’s recommended age: 12 – 18
  • Number of pages: 320
  • Available on: Paperback, Nook, Audiobook , Hardback, iBooks, Kindle
  • : May 28, 2021

Stamped Racism Antiracism And You Synopsis

Sexual Health / STDs News from Medical News Today

RACE. Uh-oh. The R-word. But actually talking about race is one of the most important things to learn how to do. Adapted from the award-winning, bestselling Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You, this book takes readers on a journey from present to past and back again. Kids will discover where racist ideas came from, identify how they impact America today, and meet those who have fought racism with antiracism. Along the way, they’ll learn how to identify and stamp out racist thoughts in their own lives. Ibram X. Kendi’s research, Jason Reynolds’s and Sonja Cherry-Paul’s writing, and Rachelle Baker’s art come together in this vital read, enhanced with a glossary, timeline, and more.

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