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Foods To Avoid Hepatitis B

Hepatitis Diet: Foods To Avoid

Hepatitis B symptoms, treatment and prevention

It is equally important to avoid certain foods during Hepatitis as they can be harmful to the liver. Excessive consumption of these can aggravate the disease and even lead to permanent liver damage.

  • Processed food items are best avoided when recovering from Hepatitis. Processed food items include processed ingredients that are harder on the liver and relatively devoid of nutrients. Processed breads, cheese and almost all fast -food items are also best avoided during Hepatitis, as they can worsen recovery times.
  • Hydrogenated oils must be replaced with healthy oils. In fact for a lifelong healthy liver it is a good idea to switch to healthy oil choices. Avoid consuming foods high in saturated fats or trans-fats.
  • Sugar intake should be limited for a healthy liver. This includes all artificial sweeteners as well as fruits juices. Juices have high concentrations of sugar in them, which can be difficult for the liver to digest when the body is under attack from the Hepatitis virus.

Foods To Avoid With Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C , a viral infection that can result in permanent liver damage, is transmitted through contact with infected body fluids, particularly blood. The most common hep C symptoms are fatigue, unexplained fever, joint pain and swelling, fluid retention and jaundice. While there are new, effective treatments for the disease that can lead to a cure for some patients, often the symptoms of the infection can be controlled through an effective diet.

There are a number of foods Hep C patients should avoid:

1. Raw oysters or shellfishRaw oysters and seafood can be dangerous for Hep C patients. Food-borne bacteria that is not killed through cooking can lead to infections, which can worsen Hep C symptoms. Uncooked seafood has also been found to contain Hepatitis A. Because Hep C can weaken the immune system, patients who consume raw seafood increase their risk of contracting another form of hepatitis. Finally, oysters are high in iron, which should be avoided by Hep C patients. Iron is processed through the liver, so additional iron can worsen the extent of liver damage.

3. Fatty foodsFatty foods, such as red meats, fried foods and some dairy products, can create excessive deposits in the liver, putting Hep C patients at further risk of long-term damage. Hep C sufferers should also avoid fast foods and other highly processed foods.

When Living With Hepatitis Here Are The Foods To Avoid:

Consuming a lot of foods that are high in fat and sugar promotes liver damage and a fatty liver, which contribute to cirrhosis . Cirrhosis of the liver prevents the organ from functioning properly. Moreover, fats in the liver can prevent the medications meant to combat hepatitis from functioning to their fullest extent.

These foods include:

  • Foods that are high in saturated and trans fats, such as butter, sour cream, and other foods high in dairy, as well as fatty cuts of meat and fried foods
  • Foods that are high in added sugars
  • Foods that are high in salt
  • Raw or undercooked shellfish

Want to learn more?Check out the Liver Disease Fact Sheet on our website here.

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Hepatitis C Hero: Coffee

Yes, you read that correctly: Coffee may be beneficial for people with hepatitis C, Dr. Muir says. A study published in the journal Gastroenterology found that people with hepatitis C who drank three or more cups of coffee a day were 2 times more likely to respond to their treatment than those who didnt drink coffee. Exactly how coffee affects liver disease is not fully understood, Muir says. But if you like coffee, enjoy that cup of joe knowing it may be helping your liver.

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Hepatitis B Vs Hepatitis C

4 Ways to Improve Liver Health Naturally

Hepatitis has many different types. HBV and the hepatitis C virus have both acute and chronic forms.

The main difference between HBV and HCV is how they spread from person to person. Although HCV is transmissible via sexual activity, this is rare. HCV usually spreads when blood that carries the virus comes into contact with blood that does not.

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How Do Doctors Treat Hepatitis B

Doctors typically dont treat hepatitis B unless it becomes chronic. Doctors may treat chronic hepatitis B with antiviral medicines that attack the virus.

Not everyone with chronic hepatitis B needs treatment. If blood tests show that hepatitis B could be damaging a persons liver, a doctor may prescribe antiviral medicines to lower the chances of liver damage and complications.

Medicines that you take by mouth include

A medicine that doctors can give as a shot is peginterferon alfa-2a .

The length of treatment varies. Hepatitis B medicines may cause side effects. Talk with your doctor about the side effects of treatment. Tell your doctor before taking any other prescription or over-the-counter medicines.

For safety reasons, you also should talk with your doctor before using dietary supplements, such as vitamins, or any complementary or alternative medicines or medical practices.

Do I Need A Special Diet

No. You can meet your nutrition needs by eating a balanced and varied diet. Use Eating Well with Canadas Food Guide to help plan your meals. This will help you stay well.

To read more about using Canadas Food Guide, see .

If you are not sure that your current way of eating is healthy, talk to a registered dietitian.

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What Causes Hepatitis C

The hepatitis C virus causes hepatitis C. The hepatitis C virus spreads through contact with an infected persons blood. Contact can occur by

  • sharing drug needles or other drug materials with an infected person
  • getting an accidental stick with a needle that was used on an infected person
  • being tattooed or pierced with tools or inks that were not kept sterilefree from all viruses and other microorganismsand were used on an infected person before they were used on you
  • having contact with the blood or open sores of an infected person
  • using an infected persons razor, toothbrush, or nail clippers
  • being born to a mother with hepatitis C
  • having unprotected sex with an infected person

You cant get hepatitis C from

  • being coughed or sneezed on by an infected person
  • drinking water or eating food
  • hugging an infected person
  • shaking hands or holding hands with an infected person
  • sharing spoons, forks, and other eating utensils
  • sitting next to an infected person

A baby cant get hepatitis C from breast milk.18

Do I Have To Tell My Boss

Hepatitis B positive. Are protein diets to be avoided?

You dont have to tell your boss that you have hepatitis C, unless youre a healthcare worker.

However, if hepatitis C is affecting your performance at work and your employer knows about your condition, they may be obliged to make allowances for you, such as giving you leave of absence for going to the clinic. You may also be entitled to statutory sick pay to cover doctor appointments or time off work.

Therefore, you may want to consider telling your boss about your condition.

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Do I Need To Take Vitamin And Mineral Supplements

Maybe. People with hepatitis may not absorb or use nutrients properly. If you are not eating well, you might need a multivitamin/mineral supplement.

Do not take high doses of any vitamin or mineral, especially iron and vitamin A, unless your health care provider tells you to.

High doses of some vitamins and minerals can be toxic. Talk to your health care provider before you take any supplements or herbal products.

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Sugar in most soft drinks and many processed foods is replaced with high fructose corn syrup instead of sucrose also known as natural sugar. This high fructose corn syrup is made from cornstarch. This form of corn syrup is harmful to the liver. It can lead to development of fibrosis in people ailing from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. It also poses an added burden on the liver to process it. Always remember that the goal of Hepatitis A patients is to take away the pressure and strain off the liver to the maximum extent possible. This corn syrup can also lead to health problems like cavities and weight gain. Try to opt for water or other unsweetened beverages instead of beverages which contain corn syrup. Reduce your intake of processed and packaged food and avoid munching pastries and cookies.

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What If I Am Too Tired To Prepare Meals

It can be hard to eat if you are too tired to make meals or are not feeling well. Aim to keep healthy snacks and easy-to-make foods available, such as:

  • Whole grain bread, naan, bagels or crackers with nut or seed butter
  • Whole grain crackers and cheese
  • Vegetables with hummus or a yogurt-based dip such as tzatziki
  • Vegetables and a hardboiled egg
  • Fresh, frozen or canned fruit with yogurt or soft tofu
  • Apple or pear slices with nut butter
  • Fresh or frozen berries with cottage cheese
  • Canned fish with whole grain crackers or toast
  • Hot cereal with nuts and seeds or trail mix
  • Reduced sodium canned bean or lentil soup with whole grain crackers

When you have the energy to cook, make more than you need. Put the leftovers in the freezer to have at another meal.

Nigerian Foods That Hepatitis B Patients Should Eat And Avoid

Fatty Liver Home Remedies in 2020

Nigerian Foods that Hepatitis B patients should Eat and Avoid.

For hepatitis B patient undergoing treatment, there are really no food restrictions but there are some specific foods you are supposed to avoid to help your inflamed liver health faster.

This article will answer the following questions:

What are the food required for hepatitis b patients in Nigeria

There is no special diet specific for viral hepatitis, but you need to follow a healthy diet that is low in fat, cholesterol, and sodium. Make sure complex carbohydrates and lean protein is the base of each meal.

Include lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains , lean protein , low-fat or non-fat dairy products, and healthy fats .

We should fill one-quarter of our plate with high-fiber carbohydrates like whole grains, one-quarter with lean protein sources, and the remaining half with fruits and vegetables.Also, we should drink plenty of fluids to help your body better process food and function well.


Is watermelon good for hepatitis B

Yes. Water melon is a fruit and it is very good for hepatitis B patients. It is rich in vitamin C that helps the liver to heal

Can hepatitis B patient drink milk?Is milk good for hepatitis B patient

That you have hepatitis does not mean you should avoid milk Please take milk. There are no restrictions.

Best juice for hepatitis B

Is honey good for hepatitis B

Can hepatitis B patient eat meat?

Dr Udomoh

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Good Nutrition And Rest

  • All family members should eat a well-balanced diet that includes foods shown in the graphic MyPlate . You can find more information about balanced nutrition on the website .
  • All family members should get at least 8 hours of sleep each night.
  • Young children who are ill should rest during the day when possible.

Who Is More Likely To Get Hepatitis B

People are more likely to get hepatitis B if they are born to a mother who has hepatitis B. The virus can spread from mother to child during birth. For this reason, people are more likely to have hepatitis B if they

  • were born in a part of the world where 2 percent or more of the population has hepatitis B infection
  • were born in the United States, didnt receive the hepatitis B vaccine as an infant, and have parents who were born in an area where 8 percent or more of the population had hepatitis B infection

People are also more likely to have hepatitis B if they

  • are infected with HIV, because hepatitis B and HIV spread in similar ways
  • have lived with or had sex with someone who has hepatitis B
  • have had more than one sex partner in the last 6 months or have a history of sexually transmitted disease
  • are men who have sex with men
  • are injection drug users
  • work in a profession, such as health care, in which they have contact with blood, needles, or body fluids at work
  • live or work in a care facility for people with developmental disabilities
  • have been on kidney dialysis
  • live or work in a prison
  • had a blood transfusion or organ transplant before the mid-1980s

In the United States, hepatitis B spreads among adults mainly through contact with infected blood through the skin, such as during injection drug use, and through sexual contact.12

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Hepatitis Diet: Recommended Foods To Eat

For a patient with Hepatitis food choices are not limited to a few bland dishes. There are plenty of healthy, tasty food options which are both beneficial for the liver and for the recovery process.

  • Whole grains are very beneficial to consume as part of a healthy Hepatitis diet. These can be in the form of bran, whole wheat bread or cereal, brown rice, whole grain pasta or porridge. Include other whole grains such as whole oats, wild rice, rye, oatmeal and corn.
  • Fruits and vegetables should be a significant part of any diet to help in recovering from a liver disease. They are full of essential nutrients and are easy to digest. As a bonus, they also contain antioxidants, which can protect the liver cells from damage. However, it is recommended that one go easy on starchy vegetables such as potatoes when on a Hepatitis recovery diet. While canned or frozen fruits are fine it is always a good idea to try and eat fresh and seasonal produce when possible.
  • Olive oil, canola oil and flaxseed oil are all healthy fats that are recommended as part of a diet for patients with Hepatitis.
  • Healthy proteins in the form of low-fat milk and dairy products along with lean meats, beans, eggs and soy products can also be a part of a healthy liver diet.

What Is Viral Hepatitis

liver friendly diet

Viral hepatitis is inflammation of the liver caused by a virus. The different types of the virus are named A, B, C, D, and E. The most common ones are A, B and C.Hepatitis A is caused by hepatitis A virus, which can be found in contaminated food or water or in the stool and blood of infected individuals. Hepatitis A is preventable via vaccine.

Hepatitis C is caused by hepatitis C virus, which can be spread by contact with the blood of an infected individual . There is no vaccine for hepatitis C, but if detected early, it can be treated.

Hepatitis can be acute or chronic depending on whether the disease has been resolved within 6 months. Symptoms of the disease include fatigue, nausea/vomiting, abdominal pain, and jaundice . However, some individuals have no symptoms.

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Can Hepatitis A Be Prevented

The following will help keep people safe from hepatitis A:

  • regular hand washing, especially after going to the bathroom or diapering a baby, and before eating
  • washing fruits and vegetables before eating them
  • not eating raw shellfish, such as raw oysters
  • getting the vaccine for hep A

Getting vaccinated helps a person’s body make antibodies that protect against hepatitis infection. The hepatitis A vaccine is now given to all kids when they’re between 1 and 2 years old, and to people who are traveling to countries where the virus could get into the food and water supply.

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What Do Doctors Do

A doctor who thinks someone may have hepatitis may ask questions like these:

  • Has the person been around anyone who works in health care or childcare?
  • Did the person stick himself or herself with a dirty needle or get a tattoo with a dirty needle?
  • Did the person have contact with the bodily fluids of someone who has hepatitis?
  • Did the person have a blood transfusion as a baby?
  • Have any of the person’s family members had hepatitis?
  • Could the person have eaten food that was contaminated with hepatitis A?

The doctor can order a blood test to see if someone has hepatitis and which type, then help the person get the right care.

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Is There A Special Diet For Chronic Hepatitis

No. Try to eat as well as you can to help support your liver and overall health. Aim for a healthy eating pattern that includes vegetables and fruits, whole grains and protein foods daily.

Examples of healthy eating patterns include Canadas food guide and the Mediterranean and DASH diets.

Its important to meet your protein needs. Try to include protein foods at each meal and snack. Protein foods include:

  • Beans, peas, lentils, nuts and seeds
  • Lower fat milk, yogurt and cheese
  • Fortified soy beverage
  • Fish, poultry, lean meat, eggs, tofu

If you drink coffee, continue to enjoy it in moderation. It wont harm your liver. Some studies suggest that caffeinated coffee helps protect the liver. However, the evidence isnt strong enough to recommend drinking coffee if you dont drink or tolerate it.

What If I Have Extra Weight

Hepatitis B

Healthy eating and being active is important for everyone, regardless of body size or health. Reaching and maintaining your best weight can support liver health. For people with fatty liver disease, modest weight loss may help slow liver damage.

If you are concerned about your weight or a change in your weight, call 8-1-1 and ask to speak with a registered dietitian.

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