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Best Food For Hepatitis C

How Much Protein Do I Need

What is the Best Diet for Hepatitis C

Most people with hepatitis need the amount of protein recommended in Canadas Food Guide. Eat foods with protein at each meal:

  • 2 to 3 servings a day of Meat and Alternatives such as lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, legumes , tofu, nuts and seeds
  • 2 to 3 servings a day of Milk and Alternatives such as milk, fortified soy beverage, and yogurt

Stay Hydrated But Keep It Simple

Rockford Yapp, M.D., is on the board of directors for the American Liver Foundation and a gastroenterologist in the Chicago area. In an e-mail interview, he stressed the importance of staying hydrated when you have hepatitis C.

“Dehydrated patients are under more physiologic stress and more susceptible to damage from inflammatory conditions. Any stress on the liver of a hepatitis-C-infected patient has the potential to accelerate liver disease.”

When you reach for a drink, think simple. Steer clear of energy drinks and anything with added vitamins or minerals. Water is best for hydration, but many other choices will do, including low-fat milk, tea, coffee, juice, and even broth-based soup, which is mostly liquid

“I usually recommend that my liver disease patients just drink water, coffee, and unsweetened tea as their beverages of choice,” said Jonathan Fenkel, M.D., director of the Jefferson Hepatitis C Center and associate professor of medicine at Thomas Jefferson University’s Sidney Kimmel Medical College in Philadelphia. HealthCentral reached him via email.

Hepatitis Diet: Recommended Foods To Eat

For a patient with Hepatitis food choices are not limited to a few bland dishes. There are plenty of healthy, tasty food options which are both beneficial for the liver and for the recovery process.

  • Whole grains are very beneficial to consume as part of a healthy Hepatitis diet. These can be in the form of bran, whole wheat bread or cereal, brown rice, whole grain pasta or porridge. Include other whole grains such as whole oats, wild rice, rye, oatmeal and corn.
  • Fruits and vegetables should be a significant part of any diet to help in recovering from a liver disease. They are full of essential nutrients and are easy to digest. As a bonus, they also contain antioxidants, which can protect the liver cells from damage. However, it is recommended that one go easy on starchy vegetables such as potatoes when on a Hepatitis recovery diet. While canned or frozen fruits are fine it is always a good idea to try and eat fresh and seasonal produce when possible.
  • Olive oil, canola oil and flaxseed oil are all healthy fats that are recommended as part of a diet for patients with Hepatitis.
  • Healthy proteins in the form of low-fat milk and dairy products along with lean meats, beans, eggs and soy products can also be a part of a healthy liver diet.

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Incorporate Fruit And Vegetables

You should consume a minimum of five servings each day. Fruit and vegetables are high in antioxidants that can help hepatitis-damaged liver cells regenerate and play an important role in both the prevention and treatment of liver diseases, suggests previous research. Guinane recommends that patients have one or two fruit and vegetables on their plate during every meal, which will help you meet this produce goal.

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Hepatitis C Enemy: Alcohol

10 Hepatitis C Treatments You Need to Know

“If you have advanced liver disease, there’s absolutely no amount of alcohol that’s okay,” says Dr. Graham. “In fact, avoiding alcohol is one thing you can do to slow down the risk of developing liver failure.” It’s the best way to slow disease progression and keep your liver healthy until the virus has been eradicated, she says. Instead of alcohol, stay hydrated and healthy by drinking lots of water, she suggests.

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What If I Am Too Tired To Prepare Meals

It can be hard to eat if you are too tired to make meals or are not feeling well. Aim to keep healthy snacks and easy-to-make foods available, such as:

  • Whole grain bread, naan, bagels or crackers with nut or seed butter
  • Vegetables with hummus or a yogurt-based dip
  • Fresh, frozen or canned fruit with yogurt or soft tofu
  • Canned fish with whole grain crackers or toast
  • Hot cereal with nuts and seeds or trail mix
  • Reduced sodium canned bean or lentil soup with whole grain crackers

When you have the energy to cook, make more than you need. Put the leftovers in the freezer to have at another meal.

If your symptoms get worse or do not go away, talk to your health care provider.

Get Creative With Protein Sources

According to the American Liver Foundation , its important to get enough protein in the diet when being treated for hepatitis C. If thats difficult for the person managing hepatitis, consider supplementing with protein drinks, the ALF recommends. Talk to a registered dietitian or doctor for specific recommendations based on the individuals needs.

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Hepatitis C Enemy: Raw Fish

If you have hepatitis C, skip the sushi or oyster bar to avoid potential food-borne illnesses. In fact, you’ll want to be careful about all raw seafood, says Graham, since developing a bacterial infection from raw seafood can worsen hepatitis C. She says it’s also wise to avoid unpasteurized milk and cheese for the same reason.

Healing Foods And Drinks

Best Diet for Hepatitis C

Lemons can be a tasty squeeze into our water or as a topping for a salad. Any way you use them, they help to cleanse and help you digest foods more properly without being hard on the liver.

Green tea is known for its antioxidant power. It is full of catechins, which are high powered antioxidants. Studies have shown an improved liver function from drinking green tea daily.

Another drink boasts a reduction in liver cancer. People who drink a few cups of coffee per day have a decreased risk of liver cancer. Start your day with a boost of energy and a boost against liver cancer!

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When Living With Hepatitis Here Are The Foods To Avoid:

Consuming a lot of foods that are high in fat and sugar promotes liver damage and a fatty liver, which contribute to cirrhosis . Cirrhosis of the liver prevents the organ from functioning properly. Moreover, fats in the liver can prevent the medications meant to combat hepatitis from functioning to their fullest extent.

These foods include:

  • Foods that are high in saturated and trans fats, such as butter, sour cream, and other foods high in dairy, as well as fatty cuts of meat and fried foods
  • Foods that are high in added sugars
  • Foods that are high in salt
  • Alcohol
  • Raw or undercooked shellfish

Want to learn more?Check out the Liver Disease Fact Sheet on our website here.

Foods That Detoxify Your Liver:

More liver cleanse foods that I didnt include in this smoothie are papaya, beets, artichoke, asparagus, kale, and Brussels sprouts, cabbage, lime, avocados, green tea, grapefruit, and garlic. Feel free to play with your smoothie ingredients and perhaps consider adding papaya, beets, avocado, kale, and/or grapefruit.

What else can you do to help detox your liver? Drink raw vegetable juice , make sure you get plenty of B vitamins, Vitamin C and iron in your diet, take a milk thistle supplement and/or a dandelion supplement, and/or consume beef liver or take a liver supplement.

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Tips For Healthy Eating

Here are some tips to help you change your diet:

  • Drink pure or citrus-infused water all throughout the day and during your meal
  • Plan meals ahead for the week
  • Plan healthy snacks
  • Eat smaller meals or a small healthy snack every 2 to 3 hours to help keep your blood sugar and metabolism up
  • Keep a food log/diary keeping track of what and when you eat, and the amounts help you form healthy habits
  • The more sugar, salt and unhealthy fat you take out of your diet helps reduce cravings for these type of unhealthy foods
  • Get moving with mild exercise such as walking, stretching exercises, strength exercises these help muscle tone, boost metabolism, and help elevate chemicals in the brain that reduce depression

Healthy eating and daily changes help boost your immune system and reduce inflammation, which helps your liver be in better shape to fight hepatitis C.

Medical Treatment For Hepatitis A B & C

Diet for hepatitis C

Treatment for hepatitis A, B, or C is based on which type of hepatitis is present in the bloodstream and the severity of the resulting liver damage. Depending on the results of diagnostic tests, our specialists at NYU Langone may recommend antiviral medication to stop the virus from replicating and protect your liver from further damage.

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Hepatitis Diet: Foods To Avoid

It is equally important to avoid certain foods during Hepatitis as they can be harmful to the liver. Excessive consumption of these can aggravate the disease and even lead to permanent liver damage.

  • Processed food items are best avoided when recovering from Hepatitis. Processed food items include processed ingredients that are harder on the liver and relatively devoid of nutrients. Processed breads, cheese and almost all fast -food items are also best avoided during Hepatitis, as they can worsen recovery times.
  • Hydrogenated oils must be replaced with healthy oils. In fact for a lifelong healthy liver it is a good idea to switch to healthy oil choices. Avoid consuming foods high in saturated fats or trans-fats.
  • Sugar intake should be limited for a healthy liver. This includes all artificial sweeteners as well as fruits juices. Juices have high concentrations of sugar in them, which can be difficult for the liver to digest when the body is under attack from the Hepatitis virus.

Diet Plan For Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is an infectious viral disease that affects the liver. Diet plays an important role in maintaining liver health. In general, some obese patients develop fatty liver which also aggravates their HBV infection. Hepatitis patients may also suffer from fever, diarrhea, and joint pain. Some people with chronic hepatitis may develop cirrhosis or scarring of the liver.

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What Is Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is a viral infection that causes liver inflammation and damage. Inflammation is swelling that occurs when tissues of the body become injured or infected. Inflammation can damage organs.

Viruses invade normal cells in your body. Many viruses cause infections that can be spread from person to person. The hepatitis C virus spreads through contact with an infected persons blood.

Hepatitis C can cause an acute or chronic infection.

Although no vaccine for hepatitis C is available, you can take steps to protect yourself from hepatitis C. If you have hepatitis C, talk with your doctor about treatment. Medicines can cure most cases of hepatitis C.

Be Wary Of Herbal Remedies For Hepatitis C

Foods to avoid during Hepatitis

Some natural herbal and botanical supplements and remedies can be dangerous for someone with hepatitis. Ask a medical professional before using one. Herbal treatments that may harm the liver at varying amounts of intake and preparations include: kava, comfrey, shark cartilage, skullcap, and valerian, says the ALF.

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What Causes Hepatitis C

The hepatitis C virus causes hepatitis C. The hepatitis C virus spreads through contact with an infected persons blood. Contact can occur by

  • sharing drug needles or other drug materials with an infected person
  • getting an accidental stick with a needle that was used on an infected person
  • being tattooed or pierced with tools or inks that were not kept sterilefree from all viruses and other microorganismsand were used on an infected person before they were used on you
  • having contact with the blood or open sores of an infected person
  • using an infected persons razor, toothbrush, or nail clippers
  • being born to a mother with hepatitis C
  • having unprotected sex with an infected person

You cant get hepatitis C from

  • being coughed or sneezed on by an infected person
  • drinking water or eating food
  • hugging an infected person
  • shaking hands or holding hands with an infected person
  • sharing spoons, forks, and other eating utensils
  • sitting next to an infected person

A baby cant get hepatitis C from breast milk.18

Action Mechanism Of Oligomeric Proanthocyanidin In Hcv Replicon Cells

The suppression of HCV subgenomic RNA replication by oligomeric proanthocyanidin has been attracting increasing attention. Polyphenolic compounds generally have high antioxidant activities. Therefore, the nonspecific antioxidant activity of polyphenols may contribute to the suppression of HCV subgenomic RNA replication by oligomeric proanthocyanidin. However, we examined other polyphenolic compounds in our HCV replicon assay, and found that constitutional units such as catechin and epicatechin did not display suppressive activity, which requires the oligomerized structure of proanthocyanidin. While it currently remains unknown whether proanthocyanidin oligomer can be translocated within the cells in spite of the structure, the ingredient has been reported to be absorbed from the digestive tract, implying the internalization into cells. Oligomeric proanthocyanidin appears to suppress HCV subgenomic RNA replication via a specific association with certain intracellular molecules.

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What Your Diet Should Include

Getting the right nutrients is crucial to your overall well-being. Not only can it support a healthy immune system, but it also has a direct effect on weight management.

Its important to keep your weight in a healthy range, especially if you have hepatitis C. Having obesity or being overweight can lead to hepatic steatosis, a condition caused by excess fat buildup in the liver. This can make hepatitis C harder to control.

People with hepatitis C also have an

  • eggs
  • soy products

The amount of protein you eat daily depends upon your age, sex, and activity level. Usually, 2 to 6 1/2 ounces of protein is sufficient.

Green smoothies that include protein powder can help you hit your protein and fruit and vegetable targets when youre short on time.

If you have cirrhosis, your doctor may recommend a higher protein intake to of muscle wasting and fluid buildup.

Can I Have A Baby If My Partner Or I Have Hepatitis C


You can have a baby if you or your partner has hepatitis C, but there’s a small risk of hepatitis C passing from mother to baby.

There’s also a small risk of the infection spreading to the unaffected partner when having unprotected sex, but this is very unlikely to happen.

Speak to your doctor for advice if you’re planning to have a baby and you or your partner has hepatitis C.

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How To Support Your Liver:

Step 1 in your liver detox journey is toremove processed foods from your diet, and add foods that support and detoxify your liver.

Foods like the ones you see in this smoothie recipe will help you get rid of toxins and will nourish your organs so that they arent overly taxed.

Your goal is to lower systemic inflammation by removing pro-inflammatory foods from your diet, and instead incorporating anti-inflammatory foods.

Well discuss the cleansing properties of this smoothie in a moment, but I want first to discuss the protein component.

I often add protein powder to my smoothies if Im using them as a meal-replacement in order to ensure I get adequate protein for the day.

What Might Not Help

Milk Thistle

This herb is widely used for liver disorders, including hepatitis B. Its active ingredient, silymarin, is thought to lower inflammation and spur new liver cells to grow. But the evidence is mixed on whether milk thistle works. Side effects can include nausea, bloating, and diarrhea.


This treatment has long been used for ongoing pain. You may find it helpful for your hep C-related pain and fatigue. But several studies found that acupuncture needles can get contaminated with the hepatitis virus and pass it to other people. Make sure your acupuncturist uses disposable needles. And check that theyâre state licensed and certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Cannabidiol Oil

This compound comes from the plant or its relative, hemp. CBD is legal in some states for both recreational and medical uses, and most other states allow it with a prescription. But despite its popularity for all sorts of ailments, not much research has been done to show that CBD helps with hep C or if itâs safe.

Colloidal Silver

This product has tiny particles of silver that some people claim can help heal wounds and infections. But itâs not safe if you have hep C and may actually harm you. It can cause argyria, which is a permanent discoloration of the skin. The FDA warned consumers against taking it back in 1999.


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Hepatitis C Hero: Lean Proteins

Seek out healthy proteins like fish, skinless chicken and turkey, nonfat dairy, and lean cuts of meat. Maintaining a healthy weight is an important way to protect your liver and avoid fatty liver disease, and choosing lean proteins instead of fatty ones is a smart switch to reach these goals, says Andrew J. Muir, MD, professor of medicine at Duke University School of Medicine in Durham, North Carolina. On the other hand, eating fatty red meats can contribute to obesity and worsen the toll on your liver.

Helpful Tips While Taking Hepatitis C Medications

Hepatitis C Treatment The Best Hepatitis C Natural Remedies By Dr.Berg
  • Always follow your health care providers’ advice, particularly the instructions on taking your medicine.
  • If you have to cancel an appointment, call your provider and schedule a new one as soon as possible.
  • Take good care of yourself. Eat well, drink 8 to 10 glasses of water each day, and try to get a full night’s sleep.
  • Learn about the hepatitis C medications you are taking. This includes special risks and warnings.
  • If taking ribavirin, use sunscreen, wear long sleeves and a hat, and limit sun exposure.
  • Write down your doctor’s name and phone number. Carry this information with you at all times.
  • Write the names and amounts of the medicines you are taking. Carry this information with you at all times.

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