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Do Life Insurance Companies Test For Hepatitis

Can I Buy Life Insurance If I Have Hepatitis C

Life Insurance License Exam Notes Pt. 1

When an underwriter sees on your application that you have hepatitis C, they will need to know more information to determine if you are an acceptable risk. The answers to these questions, and your medical exam, will help the underwriter designate a rate class if they decide to offer coverage. How long ago were you diagnosed with Hepatitis C? What tests have been done other than the blood test that revealed the disease? What stage were you diagnosed with? Are you taking any medications for the condition? What were the most recent results of your liver function enzymes test? How often do you see a physician for treatment? Do you drink alcohol and if so, how often? Do you smoke cigarettes, vape or chew tobacco? What other medical conditions if any, do you suffer from?

What Factors Play A Role In Decision Making

Although it depends on the insurance company and the type of policy that you are applying for, some common factors that the majority of insurance companies focus on are:

  • The applicants age
  • If remission occurs and the virus has been eradicated from your system
  • Current blood test results, including a liver function test and a hepatitis panel

Note: Depending on the type of hepatitis, insurance companies may ask different things.

Information You’ll Need To Apply For Life Insurance If You Have Been Diagnosed With Hepatitis

Below is a list of details that will help you when arranging your life insurance:

  • Any medical letters that show the results of your liver function tests
  • Details of the treatment that you have received or are receiving
  • The date of your diagnosis
  • Confirmation of whether the infection is acute, chronic or cured
  • Details of any lasting effects to your liver
  • The results of a liver biopsy if one was carried out
  • Details of any other complications caused by the Hepatitis infection.

You may not have access to all of the above information but make sure you collect as much information as you can as it will help you to avoid applying to insurance companies that are likely to be less favourable for you.

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Does Life Insurance Pay Out For Hepatitis B

YES life insurance should pay out for people with hepatitis B. Providing you have put cover in place before you become seriously ill or pass away, you should usually qualify for a life insurance pay out.

As hepatitis B will be classed as a pre-existing condition you will need to declare this at the point of taking out cover.

It is vital to be honest about your medical history and severity of symptoms in your application, as failure to do so risks invalidating your cover.

How Do Life Insurance Companies Test For Hepatitis

Life Insurance for Newcomers to Canada

While you may not have to undergo a test for hepatitis, there are many ways in which insurers can test for hepatitis if a test is required.

The most common methods used include:

  • Full medical exam – A medical test can flag any conditions that have occurred or you may be at risk of developing. Your height and weight will be measured, your blood pressure taken, as well as a blood sample. It will typically last around 20 – 30 minutes
  • Blood test – A blood test can be used in screening for hepatitis by testing for antibodies
  • Liver function test – These are specific blood tests that provide information about the current state of your liver by measuring the levels of certain enzymes and proteins in your blood.

Most life insurance policies will require you to provide medical information, which may lead to a medical exam being requested.

The only exception to this is an , which guarantees acceptance to those aged 50 – 85 without the need to provide medical information.

If youre within this age bracket and have struggled to secure cover due to hepatitis, an over 50s plan could be an ideal option.

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Top 8 Hepatitis C Questions Life Insurance Companies Will Ask

Life insurance companies need to know details about your present and past health before they will offer you a policy.

Here are 8 questions that life insurance carriers will want to know about your Hepatitis C:

  • What was the date of your diagnosis?
  • What diagnostic tests were performed?
  • Were you diagnosed with Chronic Active Hepatitis C, Acute Viral Hepatitis C, or Chronic Persistent Hepatitis C?
  • Do you currently drink alcohol? If so, how much and how often do you drink?
  • What medications are you currently taking? If so, what is the quantity and frequency of your medication usage?
  • Are your liver enzymes under control? What were the test results of your liver function enzymes?
  • How frequently do you visit your physician to monitor the condition of your Hepatitis C?
  • Do you have any other medical conditions or health issues?
  • Can You Arrange Life Insurance If You Have Autoimmune Or Alcoholic Hepatitis

    Suffering with Hepatitis for a long period of time can lead to Autoimmune Hepatitis. It is extremely rare but nonetheless, if you’ve had long term exposure to Hepatitis then it can manifest. Autoimmune Hepatitis causes your immune system to attack your liver and it is for this reason that it can be difficult to get life insurance. If you have been diagnosed with Autoimmune Hepatitis, it is worth speaking with an independent specialist* with the relevant details to hand so that they can conduct a full search of the market for life insurance.

    Alcoholic Hepatitis comes about from consumption of alcohol over a prolonged period and not from an infection as with other types of Hepatitis. Misuse of alcohol might only become evident when a person is diagnosed with Alcoholic Hepatitis and where the liver can become damaged. It is common in the UK but not many people will know that they have it. As you might expect, life insurance can be more difficult to arrange if you have Alcoholic Hepatitis and without permanent measures to stop drinking alcohol and regeneration or recovery of your liver, it is likely that an application for life insurance would be declined.

    If you have stopped drinking alcohol after your diagnosis and are showing signs of liver regeneration then you should speak to an independent specialist* who will be able to understand your unique circumstances and find the best life insurance policy on your behalf.

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    Why Do Life Insurance Companies Care If I Have Been Diagnosed With Hepatitis

    The main reason what a life insurance company is going to care if you have been diagnosed with Hepatitis is that at the end of the day no matter how treatable this condition continues to become, it still has the potential to become a life-threatening medical condition which is why most life insurance underwriters will want to know exactly how you are treating your condition prior to making any kind of definitive decisions about the outcome of your life insurance application.

    Its also why

    We wanted to take a moment to describe what Hepatitis is, how certain types will vary from one another, and highlight some of the most common symptoms of Hepatitis, which are sure to play a role in the outcome of your traditional life insurance application.

    Hepatitis Defined:

    Hepatitis is a medical condition that is defined as an infection or inflammation of the liver. In total, there are five types of Hepatitis that one can suffer from however, within the United States, one will typically only encounter types A, B, and C.

    Hepatitis A:

    Hepatitis A is a viral infection that affects the liver. It is caused by the hepatitis A virus and is primarily spread through contact with fecal matter, even in microscopic amounts, from an infected person. This can occur through consuming contaminated food or water, or through close contact with an infected person. Hepatitis A is one of the reasons why youll usually see an

    What Happens During The Medical Exam

    Life Insurance study class TYPES OF INSURANCE

    During or after your initial phone interview, the underwriter will work with you to schedule a medical exam at a convenient time.

    Getting a life insurance medical exam is similar to going to your doctor to get a physical. However, you can choose to have a medical technician come to your home or work. Normally, the whole process takes about 30 to 45 minutes and includes two parts:

  • A verbal questionnaire:You’ll answer a series of questions about your health, lifestyle, and social habits, including questions about current prescriptions.

  • A physical exam: The examiner will measure your height and weight, check your blood pressure and collect blood and urine samples.

  • If youre older or applying for a large amount of life insurance coverage, you may also undergo an electrocardiogram or EKG to measure your hearts electrical activity.

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    Can I Take Out Critical Illness Cover If Ive Been Diagnosed With Hepatitis

    As with life insurance, those whove made a full recovery from hepatitis should have no problem taking out .

    Critical illness cover provides an additional safety net of cover by allowing you to make an early claim and receive an early pay out in the event youre diagnosed with a serious illness .

    For those whove developed liver problems as a result of hepatitis, its likely some exclusions will be written into your policy such as liver damage, liver failure and liver cancer.

    Critical illness cover covers common serious illnesses such as a stroke, and so youll be protected against a wide range of new illnesses.

    At Reassured we can compare life insurance with critical illness cover to help you find the best policy at the best price.

    Is Hepatitis A Permanent

    Hepatitis type A is normally transmitted through contaminated food or water and is curable. Since treatment for patients will usually lead to a full recovery, hepatitis A doesnt register as a major concern when it comes to life insurance. However, if youre diagnosed with hepatitis A, life insurance companies might want to understand the circumstance in which you contracted the disease.

    Would I know if I had hepatitis A? As you can see from the graphic below, symptoms can range from mild to severe but you probably would feel the effects.

    How long do hepatitis A symptoms last? Normally two to six weeks with treatment.

    People who travel or people who dont have up-to-date vaccinations are at a higher risk to contract the disease. Keeping good records of your treatment and documentation of all vaccinations to indicate a healthy liver and complete recovery isnt necessary for life insurance but is a good practice to maintain.

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    Guaranteed Coverage With Hepatitis B

    For anyone who has ever been rejected for a life insurance policy or does not wish to go through the underwriting process, they can purchase a guaranteed issue policy.

    These policies are issued by only filling out a set of health and lifestyle questions. You will receive your premium rates and once the first premium is paid the policy will be in effect. The turn around time for a guaranteed issue policy can be as little as one week.

    See A Liver Specialist

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    Ask your primary doctor for a referral to a liver specialist, if you arent already under the care of one.

    Depending on your insurance company, it might cover the cost of hepatitis C medication only when prescriptions come from a liver specialist.

    Note that the copay for a liver specialist is typically higher than that of a primary care physician.

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    All Employees Must Wash Their Hands

    Symptoms may include:

    Symptoms of hepatitis A include fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, dark urine, clay-colored bowel movements, joint pain, and jaundice . These symptoms can appear anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks after exposure to the virus, and can last for several weeks to several months.

    Treament options:

    Hepatitis A is usually a self-limiting disease, meaning it will go away on its own without treatment. However, it can cause serious liver damage, and in rare cases, can be fatal.

    The best way to prevent hepatitis A is through vaccination. The vaccine is highly effective and provides long-term protection against the virus. Good hygiene practices, such as washing your hands frequently and thoroughly, can also help to prevent the spread of the virus.

    Hepatitis B:

    Hepatitis B is a viral infection that affects the liver and is caused by the hepatitis B virus . It is primarily spread through contact with blood or other bodily fluids of an infected person, such as through sexual contact, sharing needles or other equipment used to inject drugs, or from an infected mother to her baby during childbirth.

    Hepatitis B can also differ from Hepatitis A in that while some individuals may only suffer from a short-term or acute infection, others may have their Hepatitis B become a chronic infection capable of causing some pretty significant health complications and possibly causing cirrhosis of the liver and or liver cancer.

    Symptoms of hepatitis B


    Things To Consider Before Your Life Insurance Blood Test

    There are things you can do to prepare for your life insurance blood test prior to your appointment. Following these steps can help you get ready for the exam:

    • Fast for 8 to 12 hours prior to your appointment. Scheduling your exam for early morning can make this easier if you are not used to fasting during the day.
    • Stay hydrated and flush out toxins by drinking plenty of water.
    • Consider bringing a copy of your life insurance application. If you get nervous before an exam, it could help you remember your health information and medication details.
    • Bring a government-issued ID, such as a drivers license or passport.
    • Do not take over-the-counter medications. Things like diet pills or decongestants can cause false readings for illegal substances. If you have to take something, be sure to disclose it to the medical professional administering your test.
    • Avoid strenuous activities prior to your exam. Intense activity can change your blood pressure readings.
    • Get adequate sleep before your exam. Its important to be well-rested, and it can also help keep your blood pressure in check. Experts recommend getting at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night.
    • Do not take anything that could change your blood pressure. Things like caffeine, nicotine and alcohol can affect your blood pressure prior to your exam.

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    What Will Insurers Ask About My Hepatitis B Or C Diagnosis

    If youve had hepatitis B or C, its likely youll be required to provide the following info during the underwriting process:

    • Whether youve been diagnosed with chronic hepatitis
    • Whether youve been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver or chronic pancreatitis
    • Whether youve received or are currently receiving treatment for hepatitis B or C
    • When your treatment was completed
    • Whether youre still under review for your condition

    Life Insurance Underwriting For Hepatitis C

    Life insurance Exam Prep (Simulator exam With Commentary) -YBLA

    The primary questions to be asked of a proposed insured that presents with Hepatitis C history are:

    • Age or date of diagnosis? Is there a known cause?
    • What are the latest liver function test readings? Specifically ALT, AST and GGTP?
    • If theres been a biopsy, what is the fibrosis stage?
    • How is it being treated? Any interferon or ribavirin treatment?
    • How frequently is there follow up with a physician?
    • Current alcohol consumption? Type, quantity, and frequency?
    • Any history of cirrhosis?

    Underwriting for hepatitis C can be very involved. Typically, were looking at a minimum of a Table 4-6, although Standard approvals are possible in a very select number of cases that demonstrate ideal scenarios. This is a big improvement over past history, where a diagnosis of hep C was usually an auto-decline.

    Give us a call or submit the questionnaire and let us help you assess your hep C case and give you a realistic idea of what to expect from underwriting.

    As always, were here to help you answer questions, and provide the best underwriting services possible to help you place cases.

    to contact our underwriter, Mike Woods, with specific underwriting questions about hepatitis C.

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    Life Insurance Options For Hepatitis

    There are plenty of life insurance options for people with hepatitis. If your hepatitis has been treated and you are otherwise in good health, youll be able to get affordable term life insurance policies. Term life insurance lasts for a specified period of time, usually anywhere between 10 and 40 years. The coverage is relatively flexible, so you can choose an amount that makes sense for you depending on your debts and familial obligations. If you outlive your term life insurance policy, youll need to purchase a new one, usually at a higher rate. With a history of hepatitis, you may pay slightly more than a completely healthy person. However, youll usually still be able to get a policy at a reasonable price.

    If you have chronic hepatitis, your options will be more limited. This is because chronic hepatitis is much more likely to shorten your lifespan than an isolated case of hepatitis. If you are in this situation, you may want to consider getting a guaranteed issue life insurance policy. These insurance policies do not ask any questions or require any health examination. They dont provide nearly as much financial coverage as a traditional term life insurance policy typically, theyll only provide enough financial support to pay for funeral costs. However, theyre a very reliable option for people who cannot get the coverage they need otherwise.

    Life Insurance With Hepatitis

    Talk to one of our experienced advisors, today!

    10 minute read

    Originally published: July 28, 2022

    Talk to one of our experienced advisors today!

    10 Minute read

    Originally published: July 28, 2022

    Being diagnosed with a health condition may drastically affect your quality of life. While having hepatitis may increase your life insurance premiums, it is still possible to find a policy at a reasonable rate. If you know what to look for in a life insurance company and how to best present your application, getting life insurance with hepatitis can be simpler than you may think. This blog on life insurance with hepatitis will explain how having hepatitis can affect your life insurance, what factors are considered when it comes to hepatitis, and more!

    When clients reach out to us about life insurance with hepatitis, they have many concerns. Since there are various kinds of hepatitis and each one varies in severity when it comes to liver damage, each case is treated differently. All these concerns are valid and we understand the anxiety of not being able to protect yourself and your loved ones. One recurring question is Can I get life insurance if I have hepatitis?

    The answer is yes! Regardless of the type of hepatitis that you have or the severity of your condition, you can get life insurance.

    In this article:

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Life Insurance with Hepatitis
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