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What Vitamins Are Good For Hepatitis B

Vitamin B12 And Liver Health

Very good fruits for people with hepatitis B

Liver disease can cause B vitamin deficiencies, mostly due to poor diet. For advanced liver disease, you may be trying to avoid excess meat to reduce hepatic encephalopathy. However, you might also be missing out on this valuable vitamin. Even if you are getting it in your diet, B12 does not absorb well in the intestine if you have cirrhosis, or stage 3 or 4 liver disease.

Your hepatologist, a doctor who specializes in the liver, can run a test if they suspect you are low in B12. Sometimes, it can be confusing when you are diagnosed with hepatitis C and have a high viral load. That is because the symptoms of low B12 looks suspiciously close to symptoms of having the hepatitis C virus growing in your liver. Let’s look at the symptoms of low levels, as well as how to get some more B12 into your life.

What If I Am Too Tired To Prepare Meals

It can be hard to eat if you are too tired to make meals or are not feeling well. Aim to keep healthy snacks and easy-to-make foods available, such as:

  • Whole grain bread, naan, bagels or crackers with nut or seed butter
  • Vegetables with hummus or a yogurt-based dip
  • Fresh, frozen or canned fruit with yogurt or soft tofu
  • Canned fish with whole grain crackers or toast
  • Hot cereal with nuts and seeds or trail mix
  • Reduced sodium canned bean or lentil soup with whole grain crackers

When you have the energy to cook, make more than you need. Put the leftovers in the freezer to have at another meal.

If your symptoms get worse or do not go away, talk to your health care provider.

Why Should I Supplement With Life Extension Daily Multivitamins

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Dr Michael Smith: Generic multivitamins like Centrum really only provide the basic daily recommendations that your body needs to avoid deficiencies. But when you choose Life Extensions daily multivitamins, you’ll be getting the ideal amounts of vitamins, minerals, and health promoting nutrients, not just those minimum amounts.

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Dr Michael Smith: In fact, Life Extensions One-Per-Day or Two-Per-Day Multivitamins deliver potent formulas. So you’ll be getting the additional health benefits from vital ingredients. From increasing your energy levels with more vitamin B-one, or supporting your immune health with more vitamin C.

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Product Details

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Bioactive 5-MTHF Folate

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Treating Hepatitis With Interferon

Interferon is a powerful drug used to treat hepatitis types B, C, and D. It can prevent serious liver damage, but it also has many side effects, some of them serious.

Interferon is the drug of choice for treating several chronic forms of viral hepatitis, including hepatitis B and C. It may also be used to treat a more unusual type of hepatitis called hepatitis D, which is a co-infection, that can occur with type B hepatitis, often in injection drug users.

Interferons are proteins that are secreted by the cells when the body is being attacked by a virus like hepatitis B, C, or D. Genetically engineered interferon, given by injection, stops the hepatitis virus from replicating itself and provides a boost to the immune system. Different forms of interferon are needed to treat hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and hepatitis D.

Without treatment, chronic hepatitis inflames and damages the liver and can lead to:

How Interferon Works

A person’s cells begin secreting interferon when they detect viral infection. Interferon alerts all nearby cells that a viral infection is under way, triggering the production of proteins that block viral replication. Interferon also causes cells to stop producing proteins that viruses need to replicate and thrive. Doctors suspect interferon also protects cells against viruses through other means research into the way it works is on-going.

Different Types of Interferon

Interferon Pros and Cons

Are There Any Side Effects To Eating Quinoa

Best Supplements for Hepatitis

Quinoa, as it seems, really is as healthy as we hear, especially when you practice portion control. And Sharp says it is also incredibly safe to eat consistently. The only likely side effect is just some stomach irritation as a result of the saponin on the outside of the grains, she says.

Even so, this can be easily prevented before eating. To reduce the likelihood of an irritation, youll want to make sure to rinse the quinoa really well before use, Sharp recommends.

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Foods To Avoid If You Have Hepatitis B Or Hepatitis A

Hepatitis B occurs when the liver of an individual is affected with the hepatitis B virus or HBV in short. People affected with this virus usually have irritation and swelling of the liver. This disease spreads in the body of other individuals with the help of blood, vaginal fluids, semen and other body fluids of an infected person with hepatitis B.

Children get affected with the disease when the pregnant mother is infected with it and passes it on to her children. Since Hepatitis B is incurable, patients must maintain certain dietary restrictions to prevent further liver damage.

Consuming foods otherwise will lead to liver irritation and swelling and cause discomfort to the individual. Therefore, having an in depth knowledge of the foods to avoid will help a person maintain good health and well being.

Build An Emotional Support System

You need to know that you have allies for emotional support when living with hepatitis. Thats why Wood says joining a support group or asking your family and friends for help is so important. Patients who dont have a ready support system should find a hepatitis support group through their physician or search the Internet for online hepatitis forums, she says. One sure way to reduce the stress of hepatitis is to know you are not alone, and you can do that by connecting with other hepatitis patients.

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Antioxidant Supplements For Liver Disease

Beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E cannot be recommended for treatment of liver diseases.

An imbalance between too much oxidative stress and too little antioxidative defence has been suggested to cause a variety of liver diseases. Therefore, antioxidant supplements could have a potential role in patients with liver disease. The evidence on whether antioxidant supplements are effective in treatment of liver diseases is contradictory.

In this review treatment with antioxidant supplements of alcoholic, autoimmune, hepatitis B or hepatitis C virus liver diseases, or liver cirrhosis is assessed. The review includes 20 randomised clinical trials. In total, 1225 participants were randomised to antioxidant supplements versus placebo or no intervention. The low number of randomised participants increases the risk of random errors . Trial quality was low and accordingly the risk of systematic errors was high.

Based on the conducted randomised clinical trials, convincing evidence that beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E or their combinations are beneficial for treatment of alcoholic, autoimmune, hepatitis B or hepatitis C virus liver diseases, or liver cirrhosis could not be found.

We found no evidence to support or refute antioxidant supplements in patients with liver disease. Antioxidant supplements may increase liver enzyme activity.

To assess the benefits and harms of antioxidant supplements for patients with liver diseases.

Foods You Should Avoid

Hepatitis B: Strategies for Protecting Yourself and Staying Healthy

Alcohol No brainer. The most important change for anyone diagnosed with hepatitis is the complete elimination of alcohol from his or her life.

Wheat and Gluten Gluten can be highly inflammatory thus adopting a gluten-free diet can be beneficial to your liver. The inability to properly digest and process gluten creates a chronic state of inflammation which leads to leaky gut syndrome. This allows toxins and pathogenic organisms to infiltrate your blood, presenting a chronic toxic overload to your liver. The long-term outcome of this is often non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, the gateway disorder that can progress to other more serious liver diseases. At this point, liver enzyme levels will be elevated.

Tap Water Your tap water may contain more than you bargained for, including heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, inorganic chemicals and compounds that the liver is not able to process. Even the shower you take every day has toxins in it which are absorbed through the skin and inhaled through the lungs. Filtered water is of course better than tap water. Consider having your water tested to decide what is most appropriate for you and your family. For greater safety, you may want to consider drinking bottled water. Distilled water is another possibility, but there is some controversy over its benefits therefore you may wish to take distilled water in moderation.

Updating and recharging your diet is both a mental and physical commitment and you can do it!

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B Vitamins The Liver And Hepatitis

These vitamins serve many important roles throughout the body but are particularly important in supporting some essential liver functions — including detoxification of drugs and chemicals, and processing and metabolism of dietary proteins, fats and sugars.

B vitamin deficiencies occur in some people with advanced cirrhosis, which can result from various forms of hepatitis. People with alcoholic liver disease are particularly prone to B vitamin deficiencies. These deficiencies typically develop because of malnutrition, poor absorption of vitamins from the intestines and changes in blood circulation that result in increased loss of B vitamins through the kidneys. In people with chronic hepatitis that has not yet progressed to cirrhosis, vitamin B deficiencies can occur but are not common.

  • These vitamins serve many important roles throughout the body but are particularly important in supporting some essential liver functions — including detoxification of drugs and chemicals, and processing and metabolism of dietary proteins, fats and sugars.
  • These deficiencies typically develop because of malnutrition, poor absorption of vitamins from the intestines and changes in blood circulation that result in increased loss of B vitamins through the kidneys.

What If Im Losing Weight

If you are underweight, losing weight without trying, or have a small appetite, you may not be eating enough calories to meet your needs. To help prevent weight loss, try eating small amounts of food more often and choose foods that are higher in calories.

Here are some examples of high calorie foods to include at meals and snacks:

  • Nuts, seeds and their butters
  • 2% or 3.25% whole milk, high fat yogurt and cheese
  • Yogurt smoothies and meal replacement drinks
  • Fish, poultry, tofu, legumes, lean meat and egg
  • Avocado
  • Olive or canola oil, and non-hydrogenated margarine

Limit candy, chips, donuts, pop, sweetened specialty coffee and tea, energy drinks and sports drinks. These foods give you energy but do not give you important nutrients like protein, vitamins and minerals.

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What Are The Best Ways To Use Quinoa

Quinoa works nicely on its own, as a substitute for rice, or tossed with other ingredients. With its subtle flavor profile and fluffy texture, the whole grain is super easy to spice up with different flavors, or slip into other ingredients. Because of the mild taste, it can also be served savory or sweet.

What Vitamins Do People With Hep C Need

What vitamins are good for hepatitis B?

Consider what are the vitamins you need the most. Talk with your doctor about that. Perhaps you can have a vitamin panel done with your lab work. After you decide what are the most needed vitamins, then look at what the safest dosage is.

We all know that the safest way to get vitamins is through food sources. But really, when you dont feel good, its not easy to cook. During the time you are on treatment for the hepatitis C virus, it not always possible to get everything put together for a meal. Fast food is an option, but it doesnt have what your body needs. I have always felt that a good multi-vitamin can help you during those times.

After finding out I had hep C, I quickly learned that not all vitamins are safe. This is especially true if you have a damaged liver. I had cirrhosis when I was diagnosed, and was so surprised to hear my doctor tell me NO vitamins were safe at first. Dont panic, keep reading. I had swelling from ascites, anemia, and bleeding varices. My first instinct was to take a vitamin. After we got my body calmed down with medication and a low sodium diet, I asked my doctor again. This time he said I could take a children’s chewable once a day multi-vitamin.

Several vitamins that you need can help with anemia, low energy, body aches, fatigue, and brain fog.

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The Relationship Between Vitamin D And Hepatitis B Virus Replication

The safety and scientific validity of this study is the responsibility of the study sponsor and investigators. Listing a study does not mean it has been evaluated by the U.S. Federal Government. Read our disclaimer for details.
First Posted : March 3, 2017Results First Posted : February 12, 2020Last Update Posted : February 12, 2020
  • Study Details
Condition or disease
Vitamin D and Hepatitis B Virus Dietary Supplement: Vitamin D Not Applicable
Layout table for study information

Study Type :
Group 1: vitamin D supplement Group 2: controls
Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital, Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation
Study Start Date :
Patients receiving vitamin D supplement for 2 months Dietary Supplement: Vitamin D
Patients without receiving vitamin D supplement
  • The Dynamic Change of HBV DNA the serum HBV DNA levels were measured in CH-B patients before and after 2-month vitamin D supplement
  • The Change of Serum qHBsAg The serum qHBsAg levels were measured before and after 2-month vitamin D supplement
  • Information from the National Library of Medicine

    Layout table for eligibility information

    Ages Eligible for Study:

    Do I Need A Special Diet

    No. You can meet your nutrition needs by eating a balanced and varied diet. Use Eating Well with Canadas Food Guide to help plan your meals. This will help you stay well.

    To read more about using Canadas Food Guide, see .

    If you are not sure that your current way of eating is healthy, talk to a registered dietitian.

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    What Are The Nutritional Facts For Quinoa

    What Vitamins are good for your Kidneys and Liver?

    Overall, quinoa has an incredible nutrition base. Compared with refined grains, whole grains like quinoa are considered better sources of fiber, protein, B vitamins, and iron, according to the Mayo Clinic. But aside from these key nutrients, one of the greatest nutrient profiles quinoa can offer is its level of protein.

    Because protein makes up 15 percent of the grain, as reported by the Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council, quinoa is a high-protein, low-fat grain option. Its also naturally gluten free, high in fiber, and provides many key vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B and magnesium, lists the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s MyPlate guidelines. Because it is so nutrient-rich, quinoa is a wonderful choice for people on a gluten-free diet or any generally healthy diet.

    According to the nutrition facts stated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture , 1 cup of cooked quinoa amounts to:

    • 222 calories

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