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At Home Hepatitis B Test

Can Hepatitis B Be Prevented

What is Hepatitis B? Signs, Symptoms, #Hepatitis Transmission and How to get #Tested

The hepatitis B vaccine is one of the best ways to control the disease. It is safe, effective and widely available. More than one billion doses of the vaccine have been administered globally since 1982. The World Health Organization says the vaccine is 98-100% effective in guarding against the virus. Newborns should be vaccinated.

The disease has also been more widely prevented thanks to:

  • Widespread global adoption of safe blood-handling practices. WHO says 97% of the blood donated around the world is now screened for HBV and other diseases.
  • Safer blood injection practices, using clean needles.
  • Safe-sex practices.

You can help prevent hepatitis B infections by:

  • Practicing safe sex .
  • Never sharing personal care items like toothbrushes or razors.
  • Getting tattoos or piercings only at shops that employ safe hygiene practices.
  • Not sharing needles to use drugs.
  • Asking your healthcare provider for blood tests to determine if you have HBV or if you are immune.

How Hepatitis B Is Passed On

Hepatitis B is usually passed through blood to blood contact. This might be through sharing needles when injecting drugs, a cut that comes into contact with infected blood, unsterilised equipment used for tattooing or body piercing, or sharing razors or toothbrushes contaminated with infected blood or bodily fluids. It can also be passed from mother to child at birth.

It can be transmitted through unprotected sex. This is rare and the risk can be reduced if you use a condom.

Other Ways To Get A Hepatitis B Test

People can get a hepatitis B test at a doctors office, community health clinic, or community health department. Doctors may ask about a persons family history of hepatitis B or liver disease and any possible exposures.

According to Planned Parenthood, people should tell a doctor if they want to get a test for hepatitis B or other sexually transmitted infections.

Some frequently asked questions about hepatitis B testing include the following:

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American Association For The Study Of Liver Diseases Recommendations

The 2015 AASLD recommendations for the initial evaluation of HBsAg-positive patients is summarized below.

All patients

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  • What Happens If My Instant Test Is Positive

    China Medical Device Hbsag Rapid Test Kit/Hepatitis B Test Card ...

    Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea infections are both curable with the right course of treatment. We are able to provide you with a prescription for the necessary medication should you test positive for either infection. If your Instant Six Screen is reactive for HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C, you will be eligible for additional, confirmatory testing, free of charge. With a network of experienced doctors across the UK, we can also schedule private consultations either before your Instant test or following your results. Alternatively, you can take your results to your own doctor or sexual health provider.

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    Why Take The At

    The hepatitis B surface antigen test measures the levels of proteins, called antigens, that are found on the surface of hepatitis B virus. These antigens are normally found in the blood of an infected person, few weeks after exposure. These antigens are the earliest sign of this virus.

    This test is the best tool to see if a liver infection may be caused by the hepatitis B virus. If you are at high risk of contracting hepatitis B then, you need to be checked routinely. Risk factors include having unprotected sex with an infected person, being in close contact with someone who is infected, being gay or bisexual, sharing needles with infected people, working in a healthcare center around the infection, being a baby who was born of a hepatitis B positive mom.

    Aside from screening and looking fo an active infection, this test is helpful to follow up and assess the course of treatment chosen to manage the infection.

    How Can I Book My Instant Test

    If you would like to book an Instant Six Screen with Better2Know today, please call our Patient Services experts on the telephone number displayed above. Our dedicated members of staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions and organise your appointment. Alternatively, you can make a confidential booking in the UK online by clicking the Book Now button below and following the instructions.

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    How Does The Test Work

    The bloodborne test kit lets you test for hepatitis B and C, syphilis, and HIV from your home. Blood tests are more accurate at diagnosing bloodborne infections than swab or urine tests.

    The contents of a bloodborne kit will include an instruction leaflet and a:

    • prepaid envelope

    The instruction leaflet will guide you on how to collect the blood sample using the other contents in the kit. It is a simple finger prick test. The lancet has a sterile needle to safely prick your finger for the blood sample.

    The kit will also have a prepaid envelope to place the sample in and send to our lab. It will take just 2 to 3 days for the results to be ready. One of our doctors will then get in touch with you to let you know the results. This will be done by confidential messages on your patient account.

    What Are The Risk Factors For Getting Hepatitis B

    Can Hepatitis B be cured 100% by homeopathy? – Dr. Sanjay Panicker

    Due to the way that hepatitis B spreads, people most at risk for getting infected include:

    • Children whose mothers have been infected with hepatitis B.
    • Children who have been adopted from countries with high rates of hepatitis B infection.
    • People who have unprotected sex and/or have been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection.
    • People who live with or work in an institutional setting, such as prisons or group homes.
    • Healthcare providers and first responders.
    • People who share needles or syringes.
    • People who live in close quarters with a person with chronic hepatitis B infection.
    • People who are on dialysis.

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    Can My Partner Tell If I Have Hepatitis

    They will be able to tell if you have symptoms of infection but not if you dont. However, it is important that you tell your partner since you have passed the infection to them.

    Your partner will need to be tested and may need treatment. Your partner could develop serious symptoms if untreated, or could pass the infection onto someone else.

    Risk Factors For Hepatitis C

    You are at a greater risk of having the hepatitis C virus if you:

    • Are a current or former injection drug user
    • Are on dialysis for kidney failure
    • Are HIV positive
    • Have a mother with hepatitis C
    • Have undergone body modification without the use of sterile instruments
    • Received a blood transfusion or organ donation before 1992, or clotting factor replacement therapy before 1987
    • Were born between 1945 and 1965

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that anyone born between 1945 and 1965 take a hepatitis C antibody test at least once. If you have never done testing for the hepatitis C virus, our at-home hep C test makes it easy to collect a small sample of blood from the convenience of home and send it to a lab for testing. Our HCV antibody test, sometimes called an anti-HCV test, checks if the infection is present in your body by looking for antibodies released by the immune system in response to the hepatitis C virus.

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    How Much Does A Hepatitis B Titer Test Cost

    The cost of a hepatitis B test varies based on where you get the test. Prices range from roughly $24 to $110.

    Your insurance may cover some or all of the cost. Under the Affordable Care Act, all new health plans must cover preventative services including hepatitis B vaccination and testing without a deductible or copay.

    Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Test

    Hepatitis B Immunity Blood Test (Anti HBs)

    This test checks whether a person has contracted the virus. A positive result indicates that they have hepatitis B and can spread it to others.

    Further testing will be necessary to determine whether the HBV infection is acute or chronic.

    According to the , people under the age of 6 who test positive for hepatitis B are more likely to develop a chronic infection. In contrast, those who are older may recover completely.

    A person who does not have the virus will receive a negative result.

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    Letsgetchecked Hepatitis B And C Test

    • Pros: tests for both hepatitis B and C, includes option to speak with a nurse if you test positive
    • Cons: no option to test for hepatitis C only

    If you want to buy a hepatitis C test from LetsGetChecked, you have to buy the hepatitis B and C testing bundle.

    The hepatitis B surface antigen test checks for hepatitis B specific antigens and antibodies in the blood to determine if you have an active infection. A positive test means you can transmit the virus, but it cannot tell you if you have a chronic or acute infection.

    Additionally, a negative test will only tell you that youre not currently contagious. You can test negative and still have hepatitis B. LetsGetChecked does not include this info on the product page. It may still be important to visit a doctor to determine if you have the virus and what stage its in.

    Testing for hepatitis C involves an HCV antibody test. Youll need additional testing if you test positive for HCV antibodies.

    Tests from LetsGetChecked should be safe and accurate when used as directed. Still, you should talk with your doctor about your results.

    Both the hepatitis B and C tests involve taking a finger-prick sample. You can take the sample in the morning and send it back the same day.

    Results should arrive within 2 to 5 business days. If either test returns a positive result, a nurse will get in touch to go over what this means. However, we recommend also going over your results with your doctor.

    How Confidential Is My Hepatitis B Test

    Our service is completely confidential. We wont tell anyone else about your hepatitis B test and we dont share your results with anyone else. All our tests are delivered in plain packaging.

    If your hepatitis B test is positive, you will need to share your result with your GP or a sexual health clinic to be able to access advice and treatment if you need it.

    See our FAQs for more information on how we keep your data secure.

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    When Should I Get An At

    There are no guidelines about when a person should take an at-home hepatitis B test.

    At-home hepatitis B testing is not a confirmation of an HBV infection, but it can offer information that may be helpful when talking to your doctor. Individuals who may have been exposed or at risk must contact their health care provider who can offer specific advice to your needs and order appropriate diagnostic tests. Early symptoms of a hepatitis B infection generally include fever, fatigue, dark urine, off-colored stools, and/or yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes.

    Getting Treatment For Hepatitis B

    Treatment of Hepatitis B 2019: Easy to Treat, Hard to Understand!

    If youre in the early stages of the hepatitis B infection, you should be assessed by a doctor. You might need medication to help with the symptoms.

    People with chronic hepatitis B , will need to see a specialist in liver disease. They may need medication to prevent liver damage and have regular tests. There are now very effective medications that can suppress the virus over many years.

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    What Are The Types Of Hepatitis B

    There are two types of hepatitis B infection: acute and chronic.


    An acute infection happens at the beginning, when you first get infected with hepatitis B. Many people are able to clear it from their bodies and recover. In fact, this is true of about 4 in 5 adults who are infected.


    If you are not able to clear the infection within six months or longer, you have chronic hepatitis B. It is chronic hepatitis B that leads to inflammation and the serious, and possibly fatal, illnesses of cirrhosis of the liver and liver cancer. Treatment can slow disease progress, reduce the chance of liver cancer and increase your chances of surviving.

    How Is Hepatitis B Diagnosed

    Your health care provider will ask about your medical history and symptoms. Especially important is your history of Hepatitis B risk factors such as IV drug abuse.Your provider will examine your skin and eyes for signs of Hepatitis B. Your provider will check your abdomen to see if the liver is enlarged or tender.You will have blood tests. If blood tests show that your liver is not working normally, your provider will do tests to see if you are infected with the Hepatitis B virus.

    If your provider thinks you may have chronic Hepatitis B or serious liver damage, or if the diagnosis is uncertain, you may have a liver biopsy. A biopsy is a procedure in which a needle is used to remove a small amount of tissue. This is done through the skin over the liver after the area is numbed with an anesthetic. The sample of tissue is sent to a lab for tests to check for damage to your liver.

    Questions about online blood testing or how to order a lab test?

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    Hepatitis B Core Antibody Test

    This test checks whether a person currently has HBV or had it in the past. A positive result means that they have a current or past infection. It can also mean that they are recovering from acute hepatitis B.

    Those who receive a positive result should contact a doctor to check the status of their hepatitis B infection.

    This product requires finger prick blood collection, and it tests for hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

    People can pay a one-time purchase fee or sign up for a subscription plan for regular testing.

    Those who purchase this product receive the tools they need for testing. LetsGetChecked recommends that individuals use this test before 10 a.m. It also warns people against having sex if they think they have hepatitis B or C.

    Once a person collects their samples, they can mail them to the companys laboratory on the same day.

    LetsGetChecked states that its laboratories have a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments certification. This means that it has obtained federal certifications. The company is also part of the College of American Pathologists program.

    People should receive their results within 25 days. Additionally, they can contact a LetsGetChecked nurse at any time to discuss their results.

    Pros and cons

    LetsGetChecked tests come with pros and cons.

    Some pros include:

    Where Can I Find A Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Test Near Me

    China One Step Hepatitis B Surface Antibody HBsAb Rapid Test Kit for ...

    Check our lab finder to locate a collection site in your area.

    Note: Result turn around times are an estimate and are not guaranteed. Our reference lab may need additional time due to weather, holidays, confirmation/repeat testing, or equipment maintenance.

    Detection Period:

    For the majority of people, this test will have the highest level of accuracy at 12 weeks from an exposure or any time after. Some people may be detectable as early as 4 weeks from exposure.


    It is recommended that someone taking Biotin stop consumption at least 72 hours prior to the collection of a sample.


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    What Are The Treatments For Hepatitis B

    If you think you may have been exposed to hepatitis B, its important to talk with a healthcare professional as soon as possible.

    A doctor or other healthcare professional may administer the first dose of the hepatitis B vaccine and a shot of hepatitis B immunoglobulin. This is a combination of antibodies that provide short-term protection against the virus.

    Though both can be given up to a week after exposure, theyre most effective at preventing infection if administered within 48 hours.

    If you receive a diagnosis of acute hepatitis B, a doctor may refer you to a specialist. They may advise you to get regular blood tests to ensure you dont develop chronic hepatitis.

    Many people with acute hepatitis B dont experience serious symptoms. But if you do, it can help to:

    • get plenty of rest
    • take over-the-counter pain mediation, like naproxen, when needed

    Other lifestyle changes may also be needed to manage your infection, such as:

    • eating a nutritious, balanced diet
    • avoiding substances that can harm your liver, such as:
    • certain herbal supplements or medications, including acetaminophen

    If blood tests show you still have an active infection after 6 months, your doctor may recommend further treatment, including medications to help control the virus and prevent liver damage.

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