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How To Cure Hepatitis Naturally

Herbal Remedies For Hepatitis Endorsed

Kill or cure – Hepatitis B

Chukwuma Muanya

Phyllanthus amarus

Nigeria on Tuesday July 28, 2015, joined the rest of the world to mark the World Hepatitis Day. However, scientists have demonstrated how extracts of bitter leaf, bitter kola, garlic, Phyllanthus amarus, avocado, and turmeric offer protection against hepatitis B and C. CHUKWUMA MUANYA writes.

Scientists have demonstrated how natural remedies provide cheaper route to prevention and treatment of hepatitis B and C, and indeed liver damage in the country. Top on the list are: bitter leaf, Phyllanthus amarus, avocado, turmeric, garlic, and bitter kola.

No fewer than 20 million Nigerians are reported to be living with hepatitis B and C , and over five million are already chronically ill with liver cirrhosis or cancer. The viral infections are said to be 100 times more infectious than Human Immuno-deficiency Virus /Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome .

Conventionally the virus can only be contained by vaccination, mass screening, and treatment. But the government is not forthcoming in performing these life saving measures probably because of the huge cost implication of screening over 100 million people and treating over 25 million that are infected.

Phyllanthus amarus belongs to the plant family Euphorbiaceae. To the Efik it is called oyomokeso amanke edem geeron-tsuntsaayee in Hausa Ibo buchi oro, Ibo ngwu iyeke in Urhobo and ehin olobe or eyin olobe in Yoruba.

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How To Maintain A Healthy Liver With Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C virus is the fastest-growing infectious disease in Australia and the USA, and this upward trend is set to continue. Infection with the hepatitis C virus is common, and there are thought to be 3.2 million people in the world with this infection. It is a serious infection that very few people are able to fully recover from.

The infection can linger in your liver for the rest of your life and greatly increase your risk of developing liver cancer or cirrhosis of the liver.The most commonly used medical treatment for hepatitis C involves the use of antiviral drugs called pegylated interferon and ribavirin. However they are only effective in clearing the virus for 30 to 65 percent of people. They are also very expensive and can have dreadful side effects.

Luckily there are several nutrients and lifestyle factors that can significantly improve your chances of recovering from this infection. They are far less expensive and are free of side effects.

Is It Possible To Cure Hepatitis C Naturally

Once a person has passed the acute phase of Hep C infection there appears to be no way to cure Hep C without pharmaceutical intervention.

When I learned that I had Hepatitis C, in 2014, the only treatment option available to me was the Interferon + Ribavirin regime. As this form of Hep C treatment had horrendous side effects I resolved not to use it and instead looked at all possible natural cures for Hepatitis C None of them worked.

In the years since 2014 I have spoken with many thousands of people who have done Hep C treatment and hundreds who have tried every possible way to avoid using pharmaceuticals. In all those years I have not met even one person who has cured CHRONIC Hepatitis C using natural methods.

That said, the use of certain herbs and special diets may help improve livers health BUT these things will not cure chronic Hepatitis C.

I certainly found that diet and milk thistle helped improve my liver health while I waited for generic Direct Acting Antivirals to become available.

These are my liver enzyme test results from before I started treatment until after I completed treatment. The changes show the benefits of diet and lifestyle changes and of antiviral treatment of Hep C

The test results show that whilst taking milk thistle will help with liver health it will not cure the Hepatitis C. Likewise a special diet, eating healthy foods, will help with liver health but will not clear the Hep C.

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How You Treat Your Hepatitis C Could Save Others Lives

Hepatitis C is very different from other forms of hepatitis in that it can be cured. Its unfortunate if you got hepatitis C unknowingly, but a silver lining is that you can play a major role in preventing the spread of it. Perhaps even the elimination of it. Yes, you can save lives by shining a light on this silent epidemic, prioritizing your hepatitis C treatment, and taking preventative precautions.

Prevalence Of Herbal Medicine Use

5 Home Remedies For Hepatitis  Natural Home Remedies &  Supplements

The use of herbal medicine was investigated at three levels: ever used during lifetime, use within the last 12months and use at the time of the study.

Lifetime exposure to herbal medicine was reported in 174/310 patients while herbal medicine use within the last 12months was reported by 143/310 patients.

About 11.9% of the patients were reportedly using herbal medicine at the time of the study.

The patients who reported never used of herbal medicine were asked to give reasons for never having used it. The main reasons given by patients for non-use of herbal medicine included: lack of trust in the effectiveness of herbal medicine generally , lack of knowledge about herbal medicine , a lack of interest in using herbal medicine , bad taste of herbal medicine , easier access to hospitals and lack of trust in the safety of herbal medicines .

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What Might Not Help

Milk Thistle

This herb is widely used for liver disorders, including hepatitis B. Its active ingredient, silymarin, is thought to lower inflammation and spur new liver cells to grow. But the evidence is mixed on whether milk thistle works. Side effects can include nausea, bloating, and diarrhea.


This treatment has long been used for ongoing pain. You may find it helpful for your hep C-related pain and fatigue. But several studies found that acupuncture needles can get contaminated with the hepatitis virus and pass it to other people. Make sure your acupuncturist uses disposable needles. And check that theyâre state licensed and certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Cannabidiol Oil

This compound comes from the plant or its relative, hemp. CBD is legal in some states for both recreational and medical uses, and most other states allow it with a prescription. But despite its popularity for all sorts of ailments, not much research has been done to show that CBD helps with hep C or if itâs safe.

Colloidal Silver

This product has tiny particles of silver that some people claim can help heal wounds and infections. But itâs not safe if you have hep C and may actually harm you. It can cause argyria, which is a permanent discoloration of the skin. The FDA warned consumers against taking it back in 1999.



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What Are The Best Hepatitis C Medications

The best medication to treat hep C depends on your medical history and other medications you may be taking that could interact with the prescribed drugs below. Always consult your healthcare provider before taking any new medications.

Best hepatitis C medications
1 mL Stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, erratic heartbeat, chest pain, bloody diarrhea

Dosage is determined by your doctor based on your medical condition, response to treatment, age, and weight. Other possible side effects exist. This is not a complete list.

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Natural Ways To Prevent & Help Treat Hepatitis A

Luckily, there are a few natural ways to prevent, and also help treat, hepatitis A. These options range from dietary choices to stress management to strategies to help avoid contracting the disease in the first place.

1. Eat a Healthy, Well-Balanced Diet

The term hepatitis means inflammation of the liver. One of the most important actions to take to help treat the symptoms of hepatitis A is sticking to a clean, well-balanced and anti-inflammatory diet. Eating anti-inflammatory foods can help to regulate your immune system and allow your body to heal quickly. These foods are also rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats that are vital for your bodys recovery.

Heres a breakdown of the foods that you should be consuming on a daily basis, especially as your body is recovering from an infection like hepatitis A:

  • green leafy vegetables, including kale, spinach and Swiss chard
  • fresh vegetables, like broccoli, cabbage, celery and beets
  • root vegetables, like sweet potatoes and carrots
  • fresh fruit, especially blueberries, pineapple and citrus fruits
  • organic meat and wild fish
  • nuts and seeds, especially walnuts, chia seeds, hemp seeds and flaxseeds
  • anti-inflammatory spices, like turmeric, cayenne and ginger
  • healthy fats, especially avocados, ghee, coconut oil and olive oil
  • probiotic-rich yogurt and kefir
  • gluten-free grains like quinoa, brown rice, oats and millet

2. Stay Hydrated

3. Get Plenty of Rest and Reduce Stress

4. Try Peppermint Oil

5. Drink Ginger Tea

Natural Remedy To Cure Hepatitis B And C

How to Cure Hepatitis B 7 Natural Remedies ¦¦ NATUREForHealth

The hepatitis virus is very vicious, it is a tough virus that spreads and duplicates especially in the liver creating disturbances. If you have hepatitis B or C, but find conventional treatments too expensive, ineffective, or worried about the side effects of all of these chemical drugs, this natural treatment is great for you.

Our natural remedy for hepatitis is much more effective than the drugs commonly used to fight hepatitis.

In addition to being ineffective, these antiviral drugs can have side effects such as : anemia, insomnia, suicidal urges, irritability, impaired lung function, pancreatic diabetes, etc.

Our natural treatment is different, it is 100% plant-based and it attacks the virus directly.

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Is There A Way To Prevent Hepatitis C

Although currently theres no vaccine to protect people from contracting hepatitis C, there are vaccines for other hepatitis viruses, including hepatitis A and hepatitis B.

If you receive a hepatitis C diagnosis, your healthcare provider may advise you to get vaccinated against hepatitis A and B.

The vaccinations are recommended because these hepatitis viruses can lead to additional health and liver complications, especially in those with preexisting liver disease.

Since you cant prevent hepatitis C through a vaccine, the best prevention is to avoid exposure. Hepatitis C is a bloodborne pathogen, so you can limit your chances of exposure through these healthy lifestyle practices:

  • Avoid sharing needles, razor blades, or nail clippers.
  • Use proper safety precautions if youll be exposed to bodily fluids, such as when performing first aid.
  • Hepatitis C isnt usually transmitted through sexual contact, but its possible. Limit your exposure by practicing sex with a condom or other barrier method. Its also important to openly communicate with sexual partners and to get tested if you suspect youve been exposed to the hepatitis C virus.

Because hepatitis C is transmitted through blood, its possible to contract it through a blood transfusion.

However, since the early 1990s, blood product screening tests have been standard protocol for minimizing the risk of this type of transmission.

Subsequent testing is based on risk. Talk to your doctor about your needs.

Criteria For Considering Studies For This Review

Types of studies

Randomised clinical trials were included irrespective of blinding, publication status, and language. Quasirandomised trials and historically controlled clinical trials were excluded.

Types of participants

Male or female patients, of any age or ethnic origin, who had HCV infection . Acute hepatitis C is diagnosed on the basis of symptoms such as jaundice, fatigue, and nausea, along with marked increases in serum alanine aminotransferase and presence of antiHCV or de novo development of antiHCV. The diagnosis is confirmed by the finding of HCV RNA in serum. Chronic hepatitis C is diagnosed by elevated or recurrent fluctuating serum ALT levels and HCV RNA positivity lasting more than six months with or without symptoms, and with or without liver biopsy confirmation. Trials in populations with coinfection of HCV with human immune deficiency virus were excluded, but patients co infected with hepatitis B were included.

Types of interventions

Medicinal herbs were compared with no intervention, placebo, nonspecific interventions like vitamins, other medicinal herbs, or IFN and/or ribavirin. Trials of medicinal herbs plus IFN and/or ribavirin versus IFN and/or ribavirin alone were also included. Cointerventions were allowed as long as both arms of the randomised allocation received the same cointervention.

Types of outcome measures

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Cesium Chloride Density Gradient Centrifugation

HBV enveloped particles were purified by equilibrium centrifugation in cesium chloride density gradients. Briefly, 500 µl of culture supernatant was layered onto CsCl gradients and centrifuged for 20 h in a SW40 rotor at 50,000 rpm. The resultant fractions were collected from the top of the tube. The fractions containing both HBsAg and HBV DNA were considered as Dane particle fractions.

How Is Hepatitis C Treated

7 Great Natural Home Remedies For Hepatitis

Hepatitis C is treated using antiviral drugs.

Treatment in the first 6 months focuses on:

  • treating symptoms
  • preventing the spread of the disease
  • preventing complications, such as liver damage

For someone who has the disease beyond 6 months, treatment includes a combination of medications. However, not everyone with this form of hepatitis C will need treatment.

Whether or not you are getting treatment, you can help lower the risk of damage to your liver by:

  • avoiding alcohol

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Natural Treatments To Manage Hepatitis B Symptoms

1. Eat a Healthy and Well Balanced Diet

One of the most important ways for a person with hepatitis B to live a longer, healthier life is to focus on maintaining an adequate nutritional balance with a whole foods and anti-inflammatory diet. Eating foods that contain chlorophyllcan also be beneficial for reducing oxidative stress and liver damage. Some of the most beneficial, detoxifying, liver-cleansing and cancer-fighting foods include :

  • Leafy green vegetables, like spinach, kale, arugula, collard greens and romaine lettuce
  • Cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts
  • Root vegetables, like carrots, sweet potatoes, beets and butternut squash
  • Fresh fruit, especially blueberries, strawberries, goji berries and citrus fruits
  • Fresh herbs, like basil, parsley, oregano and ginger
  • Organic meat and wild-caught fish
  • Grass-fed cattle or chicken liver
  • Probiotic dairy, like kefir, cottage cheese and yogurt
  • Nuts and seeds, especially walnuts, flaxseeds and chia seeds
  • Unrefined oils, such as healthy coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil

2. Avoid Inflammatory Foods and Drinks

3. Stay Hydrated

4. Reduce Stress

5. Try Milk Thistle

6. Boost your Glutathione Levels

Hepatitis C Treatment Options

Often a combination of prescription medications is necessary to combat hep C. Antiviral medications have become increasingly successful in treating and curing hepatitis C. Homeopathic and natural remedies can be helpful to support the liver during treatment of hepatitis, but always consult your doctor first. If hepatitis goes untreated and significant damage to the liver occurs, liver transplantation may be necessary for the patients survival.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Hepatitis C

The majority of people get no symptoms at all, therefore are unaware they are infected. A small percentage of people do feel sick after contracting the virus, with symptoms like fever, nausea, joint pain, loss of appetite and mild jaundice. The people who do develop symptoms are more likely to overcome the infection on their own and not require medication.

Best Treatments For Hepatitis

How To Treat Hepatitis B Naturally With These Remedies.

Hepatitis is categorized into A, B and C types which are caused by hepatitis virus A, B and C respectively. Some rare categories of hepatitis include hepatitis D, E and autoimmune hepatitis.

Interferon Therapy

One kind of treatment for hepatitis involves the interferon therapy. Interferon is a cytokine which the bodys immune system produces naturally in order to fight off a viral infection. The interferon protein used for hepatitis treatment is slightly different. There are three kinds of interferon that the body produces alpha, beta and gamma. The alpha interferon has been approved for therapeutic use against hepatitis B and C. Interferon is usually administered through sub-cutaneous route.

Treatment by Immunization Against Hepatitis A

Vaccination against hepatitis A is quite necessary. Immunization is carried out by injecting immune serum globulin to prevent hepatitis A. It is also effective in a person who is exposed to the hepatitis A virus if injected within 2 weeks of exposure.

Hepatitis B Immune Globulin

For the one who is exposed to the hepatitis B virus, getting hepatitis B immune globulin can help to prevent the virus from causing any harm to liver and thus preventing hepatitis. It is not a vaccine and so will not provide long term resistance.

Liver Transplant

Due to chronic hepatitis, liver failure can occur. Then the only treatment option that remains is liver transplantation.

Reishi Mushroom

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Signs & Symptoms Of Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A symptoms range from mild to severe. Some infected people dont experience any noticeable symptoms, especially children under the age of six. The symptoms usually appear anywhere from two to six weeks after exposure to the virus. For some, the infection will last for a few weeks, but for others, the symptoms continue for months.

The most common symptoms of hepatitis A include :

  • fatigue
  • light-colored stool
  • dark-colored urine

In older children and adults,jaundice occurs in more than 70 percent of cases. Jaundice causes a yellow discoloration to the skin and eyes. It can also darken your urine and lighten the color of your stool. This occurs in hepatitis A patients because their livers cannot metabolize red blood cells that are breaking down, which causes a buildup of bilirubin.

This Is The Best Natural Remedy For Healing Hepatitis B And C

The hepatitis virus is very vicious because it is a tough virus that spreads and duplicates especially in the liver, causing disturbances. If you have hepatitis B or C. But the conventional treatments are too expensive, ineffective or you are afraid of the side effects of all these chemical drugs: this natural treatment will suit you perfectly. It is the best natural remedy to cure hepatitis B and C

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