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Hepatitis B Home Test Kit

Hepatitis B Core Antibody Test

How to use an iCare Hepatitis B test kit – by LT Labs

This test checks whether a person currently has HBV or had it in the past. A positive result means that they have a current or past infection. It can also mean that they are recovering from acute hepatitis B.

Those who receive a positive result should contact a doctor to check the status of their hepatitis B infection.

This product requires finger prick blood collection, and it tests for hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

People can pay a one-time purchase fee or sign up for a subscription plan for regular testing.

Those who purchase this product receive the tools they need for testing. LetsGetChecked recommends that individuals use this test before 10 a.m. It also warns people against having sex if they think they have hepatitis B or C.

Once a person collects their samples, they can mail them to the companys laboratory on the same day.

LetsGetChecked states that its laboratories have a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments certification. This means that it has obtained federal certifications. The company is also part of the College of American Pathologists program.

People should receive their results within 25 days. Additionally, they can contact a LetsGetChecked nurse at any time to discuss their results.

Pros and cons

LetsGetChecked tests come with pros and cons.

Some pros include:

How Is My Privacy Protected When I Take A Sti Test Online

We guarantee complete discretion, we won’t disclose your results to your GP, employer or insurers under any circumstances.

Your data security is hugely important to us. We take strict measures to ensure result integrity with the minimum of data sharing. We only share the essential details need to conduct testing with our laboratory provider.

We don’t believe in selling your data, individually or in aggregate. And you can request to wipe your account data at any time.

All samples are disposed of following analysis.

You can review our privacy policy here.

Monitor Your Liver And Overall Health

Having hepatitis C can be like swimming in murky water: You can’t see if there’s danger ahead. That’s because the virus can live quietly inside the body for years until it causes liver and even kidney damage. Because people can be asymptomatic, testing can be the one method of being sure whether you have hepatitis C. Luckily, with at-home hepatitis C tests, you can ease your mind from the comfort of your own home.

At-home testing allows you to ditch the health clinic lines and get results back quickly from certified labs. If you feel like your body may have been exposed either through drug-injection, sex, unregulated tattoos or body piercings, or sharing personal items, getting tested is recommended as soon as youre aware. Here we rounded up the best at-home hepatitis C tests, so you can start taking care of your health.

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How Confidential Is My Hepatitis B Test

Our service is completely confidential. We wont tell anyone else about your hepatitis B test and we dont share your results with anyone else. All our tests are delivered in plain packaging.

If your hepatitis B test is positive, you will need to share your result with your GP or a sexual health clinic to be able to access advice and treatment if you need it.

See our FAQs for more information on how we keep your data secure.

Instant Hepatitis B Test

Hepatitis B Rapid Test Kits in Australia  Hepatitis B ...
  • We now offer a COVID-19 Home Test. Our highly accurate PCR test requires a combined nose/throat swab.

Better2Knows confidential instant Hepatitis B test is available at our private sexual health clinics throughout the UK. Our popular instant STI tests provide rapid results for your choice of up to seven sexually transmitted infections, including Hepatitis B. It is important to get tested for Hepatitis B, if you are in any doubt about your Hepatitis B status. Hepatitis B is a major global health problem. If left undetected and untreated, Hepatitis B causes chronic infection and the condition can develop into cirrhosis or liver cancer.

  • Unprotected sex
  • Sharing contaminated objects
  • Mother to baby during birth

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Hepatitis B Surface Antibody Test

This test checks whether a person is immune to HBV or whether the body has developed resistance to the virus.

Those who are immune to hepatitis B receive a positive result. A positive result may indicate that the person is vaccinated or is recovering from acute hepatitis B.

According to the Hepatitis B Foundation , people who are immune to HBV cannot contract the virus from other people or contaminated areas and therefore cannot spread HBV to others.

Sample Collection And Analysis

Better2Knows instant Hepatitis B test uses a small blood sample. This will normally be taken by a lancet finger pricking device. Your sample will be applied to the test cassette by your doctor. Two lines will appear if your test is reactive, and only one line will appear if the Hepatitis B test is negative.

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Hepatitis B Test Kit Instructions


The iCARE One Step HBsAg Test is a colloidal gold enhancedimmunoassay for the determination of HBV surface antigen in human whole blood, serum or plasma. Goat antiHBsAg antibodyis immobilized in the test region on nitrocellulose membrane. Duringthe assay specimen is allowed to react with the colored conjugate the mixture then migrateschromatographically on the membrane by the capillary action. AnHBsAg positive specimen produces a distinct color band in the testregion, formed by the specific antibodyHBsAgcolored conjugatecomplex. Absence of this colored band in the test region suggests anegative result. A colored band always appears in the control regionserving as procedural control regardless of the test result.

Test cards individually foil pouched with a desiccant

Plastic dropper


All the kit reagents must be stored at 230in the sealed pouchand under dry conditions until expiration date.


1. Bring the HBSAG test card, sample diluent, alcohol swab, safetylancet, plastic dropper to room temperature.

2. Take out the test card from the sealed pouch.

3. To perform the HBSAG test, please follow the steps closely as follows.


Do not interpret test result after 20 minutes

2. Negative: The absence of a purplish test band in the test region indicates a negative result.

How To Use The Test Kit

Hepatitis B Rapid Home Test Kit – How to use tutorial

Make sure youve read the instructions and are familiar with the test technique before you start. First, wash your hands, then using the Alcotip swab, thoroughly clean the selected fingertip and allow it to dry. Take off the cap from one lancet, and press it down firmly onto the fingertip to pierce the skin. Wipe away the first drop of blood that appears. Massage the fingertip to encourage a new drop of blood to form. Holding the finger over the collection tube, allow the blood to drip into the collection tube. Continue to massage the finger to encourage blood flow until the collection tube is filled to the line. Apply plaster to the finger if you need it. Gently invert the tube 510 times Make sure to screw the lid on tightly to the collection tube. Make sure the tube is labelled and posted as soon as possible.

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What Test Do I Need For Hepatitis B

Our hepatitis B test is a blood test for both men and women. It is available as part of our Comprehensive STI Screen.

Youll need to take a blood sample from your finger. This only takes 5 or 10 minutes to do and shouldnt be too painful. Well send everything you need, along with guidance on how to do take the sample. We have detailed guidance to help with collecting your samples.

Our hepatitis B tests are for people with no symptoms. If you have symptoms, get advice from your GP or a sexual health clinic.

Fujibio Hepatitis B Test Kit


Fujibio Hepatitis B Rapid Test Kit is a qualitative, solid phase, two-site sandwich immunoassay for the detection of HBsAg in whole blood, serum or plasma. The membrane is pre coated with anti- HBsAg antibodies on the test line region of the device. During testing the whole blood, serum or plasma specimen reacts with anti HBsAg antibodies conjugated particles. The mixture migrates upward on the membrane chromatographically by capillary action to react with a HBsAg antibodies on the membrane and generate a colored line.

The presence of this colored line in the test region indicates a positive re while its absence indicates a negative result. To serve as a procedural control, a colored line will always appear in the control line region indicating that proper volume of specimen has been added and membrane wicking has occurred.

See leaflet included in the package for full instructions. Made in Japan.

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How To Avoid Hepatitis B

  • never share any drug-injecting equipment with other people
  • dont get tattoos or piercings from unlicensed places
  • dont share razors, toothbrushes or towels that might be contaminated with blood or other bodily fluids
  • use a condom, especially with a new partner, for anal and oral sex. You can order male and female condoms here.
  • hepatitis B vaccine is available from the NHS, and is recommended for people who are at risk of infection. This includes people who inject drugs, sex workers, men who have sex with men, and people whose partners or close family have the virus.

Does Hepatitis B Affect Fertility

Hepatitis B Rapid Test Kit

Hepatitis B is unlikely to affect your fertility. If you have been trying to conceive by having regular sex for one year and have not become pregnant then you should speak to your GP. They will refer you and your partner for further tests if required.

Dr Gillian Holdsworth, Fettle’s Managing Director, Medical Doctor and public health expert.

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When Should I Get Tested For Hepatitis B

A test cant always detect hepatitis B in the first few months after infection.

If its less than 3 months since you might have been exposed to hepatitis B, you can still do a test now but if it is negative, you may need another test later.

If you have symptoms and think you could have hepatitis B, see your GP or a sexual health service for advice.

A vaccination against hepatitis B is available on the NHS. If you test negative but think you might be at risk of Hepatitis B in the future, ask your GP or sexual health clinic about it, as they may be able to vaccinate you.

Taking A Hepatitis B Test

Testing for hepatitis B is performed on a sample of blood. A doctor, nurse, or other health care provider can obtain a blood sample using a small needle to draw blood from a vein.

At-home hepatitis B testing requires that users carefully follow instructions provided in the test kit to collect a small sample of blood, package the sample, and mail it to a lab for testing.

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Hepatitis B Treatment If You Test Positive

If your instant Hepatitis B test is reactive, a further blood sample will be needed for confirmatory testing . If this test is positive, we can refer you to a specialist who will help you with the treatment you need. They will provide additional guidance and support regarding treatment moving forward.

Where Can I Get An At

Test2Home Hepatitis B Virus/ Syphilis Self-Testing Kit

This test kit will be mailed to you via USPS. You will receive a dried blood spot card, as well as other test kit materials. Please review all instructions prior to performing this test. Specimens should be shipped via USPS back to the laboratory. Results take 2 – 3 days upon receipt of the specimen by the laboratory.

TEST KIT REFUND POLICY- Kits can be cancelled anytime prior to sending the specimen to the lab. There is a $25 fee to cover the kit costs and shipping. So a full refund is minus $25.

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Better2knows Instant Hepatitis B Test

Better2Knows Instant STI testing services are performed in line with the highest international standards of quality and care. Better2Knows instant Hepatitis B test is a fast, confidential and accurate way to determine your Hepatitis B status. It combines confidential and anonymous STI testing with the support and guidance from Better2Knows sexual health advisory team.

Best Way To Test For Hepatitis B And C At Your Home

All in all, it seems like none of the biggest companies actually wants to have something to do with STDs. Regardless, this shouldnt concern you as there are some websites specialized in medical equipment which will definitely meet your needs.

STDcheck.com is a website which boasts impressive history when it comes to providing high-quality services and confidential testing for several types of sexually transmitted diseases. All tests are FDA-Approved and require you to go through a 5 minute testing with the results available in 1-2 working days.There are more than 4,500 Testing Centers located in the territory of the United States it is very likely that there may be one in your neighborhood.

Some of the biggest advantages of STDcheck.com are 10 Test Panels and the HIV RNA Early Detection Test, with the latter one being the only FDA-Approved HIV RNA test on the market. Flexible pricing will allow you to pick the best package for yourself as STDcheck.com offers individual tests, which are priced between $24 and $89, 10 Test Panel and Chlamydia and Gonorrhea 2-in-1 test kit.

If you still have any query in buying Hepatitis C and B Test Kit Online then you can ask it here. I will try to respond you as soon as possible.

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Hepatitis B Test Kits

Contact SupplierAdContact SupplierContact Supplier

The test result can be read as soon as a distinct colored band appears in the test area. & amp clubs Invalid result —- The test result is invalid if a colored band does not form in the control region. But if the specimen is serum/plasma, it will need centrifuge to separate serum from whole blood first.

Allow the blood to clot and separate the serum from the clot. If the specimen cannot be tested on the day of collection, store the serum specimen in a refrigerator or freezer. Immerse the strip i n to t h e c o n tainer w ith the a rrow e n d p o inting towards the c on tainer.

How Is It Passed On


Hepatitis B is carried in the blood. It is usually transmitted through blood to blood contact. Examples include:

  • sharing needles when injecting drugs
  • a cut in the skin that comes into contact with infected blood
  • use of unsterilized equipment when getting a tattoo/body piercing
  • sharing razors or toothbrushes that are contaminated with infected blood.

It can be transmitted through sex, although this is rare and can be prevented by using acondom.However, it is 50 – 100 times more infectious than HIV.

A mother can pass a Hepatitis B infection to her newborn baby, but the infection can be prevented if the baby is vaccinated immediately after birth.

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What Your Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Test Results Mean

A detected hepatitis B surface antigen test result indicates that the person is infected with hepatitis B. such a result will need to be followed by other tests to make a more accurate diagnosis. Positive results also indicate that the infection is active and, the infected person can spread hepatitis B to others. A not detected test result indicates the absence of the virus in the system.

Dont Buy Std Test Kits At Cvs Walmart And Walgreens

Instead of being straightforward with you and giving you some reasons why you shouldnt buy a Mylab box test kit at CVS, Walmart and Walgreens, it is much better to ask you why you should.

As youve found out today, none of them actually pays too much attention to STDs nor condescends to create a wide selection of test kits lets just ignore the fact that you might get lucky enough to grab the last one in your local store. That being said, it is more logical and easier to find some alternative solutions to get your hands on the test kit you desperately need.

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How Will I Find Out My Results

Once your sample arrives at our lab, it will be examined for signs of the syphilis, hepatitis B & C and HIV infections. You will receive a text message with your results within one day of your test arriving in our lab. If you didn’t provide a phone number then your results will be emailed out to you.

Hepatitis B Surface Antibody

Hepatitis C Rapid Home Test Kit – How to use tutorial

A “positive” or “reactive” anti-HBs test indicates the presence of antibodies to the hepatitis B virus. These antibodies provide protection – immunity – from further infection from the virus

Hepatitis B surface antibodies are present in the blood after recovering from a previous infection, or from having received a hepatitis B vaccination.

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Are Hepatitis B Tests Accurate

According to the FDA , home tests can help detect health conditions when people do not have symptoms. However, at-home testing should not replace a doctors visit.

Individuals should also purchase tests from companies that collaborate with CLIA-certified labs. This ensures that manufacturers regulate laboratory testing.

The HBF suggests that people get a printed copy of their blood test results so they can discuss them with a doctor and learn more about the condition.

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