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Herbal Medicine For Hepatitis B

Period Of Time Of Herbal Medicine Use

The herbal natural remedy for hepatitis B(2020 update)

With regards to the period of use, 97/143 of herbal medicine users reported that they were using herbal medicine prior to being diagnosed with any form of hepatitis 91/143 reported that they started using herbal medicine after they had been diagnosed with any form of hepatitis 37.4% of these started using the herbal therapies for the treatment of hepatitis with slightly over half of these starting treatment within a period of 1week following diagnosis.

None of the patients reported initiation of herbal therapies for hepatitis treatment more than 6months after diagnosis.

Natural Herbs Used For The Treatment Of Hepatitis B

  • Katuki – Scientifically Katuki is called as Picrorhiza kurroa. It helps in increasing the shrinkage of gall bladder and performs exudation. It also recovers digestion and cures liver ailments.
  • Punarnava – Punarnava is known as Boerhavia diffusa in scientific terms. This herb is an excerpt of the complete plant. This excerpt is useful when a person suffers from dyspepsia and blandness.
  • Kalmegh – Kalmegh is known as Andrographis paniculata in scientific language. Itraises the complete serum protein level as well as globulin fragment of protein.
  • Makoy – In science Makoy is called as Solanum nigrum. It breaks down the alkaline phosphate which is useful in damaging the liver. It also aids in renovation of liver cells swiftly.
  • Kaasni – It is scientifically known as Cichorium intybus or chicory. It has supernatural stuff that can repair vilest liver situations and kidney failures. It also cleanses the blood.
  • Jhavuka – This herb is known as Tamarix gallica in scientific world. Because of the sugary and mild taste it is used in cleaning the intestines in children. It also cures blood flow problems.
  • Himsra – It is known as Capparis spinosa scientifically. Treats various types of viral hepatitis. It also deals with the problem of anxiety and itching which is commonly found in old age persons.
  • HaritakiTerminalia chebula is the other name of Haritaki. Daily intake of this herb decreases liver-spleen and painful throat. When it is taken with honey it prevents Hepatitis.
  • Cesium Chloride Density Gradient Centrifugation

    HBV enveloped particles were purified by equilibrium centrifugation in cesium chloride density gradients. Briefly, 500 µl of culture supernatant was layered onto CsCl gradients and centrifuged for 20 h in a SW40 rotor at 50,000 rpm. The resultant fractions were collected from the top of the tube. The fractions containing both HBsAg and HBV DNA were considered as Dane particle fractions.

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    Implications Of The Review For Practice And Research

    Practice: The authors state that Chinese herbal medicine may have potential therapeutic value in the treatment of chronic hepatitis B infection.

    Research: The authors sate that the Chinese herbal medicine active components bufotoxin and kurorinone, used in the combination therapies identified in the review, appear to be promising initial targets for further investigation. It is possible that further investigation in well-designed trials may help answer the question of whether Chinese herbal medicine can be effective for treating chronic hepatitis B. Given the significant public health hazard of chronic hepatitis B and the high rates of nonresponse to IFN therapy, continued and more carefully conducted research could be helpful in identifying more effective therapies. Future investigations should examine treatments of longer treatment.

    What Is Hepatitis B

    Hepatitis B Symptoms, Treatment, Causes, What is Hepatitis B

    Hepatitis B is a viral infection of your liver which can cause both acute and chronic diseases. In today’s date, it can be prevented by currently available safe and effective vaccines. There’s been also other types of hepatitis, i.e. hepatitis A, C, D, and E. this viral infection can be transmitted through blood contact and other body fluids of an infected person. It’s a life threatening liver infection caused by the Hepatitis B virus. It mainly causes cirrhosis and liver cancer in a patient infected with Hepatitis B. This virus can survive outside the body for at least 7 days and during these 7 days it can still infect a healthy person who has not taken HBV vaccination. The incubation period of hepatitis virus is more than 75 days and the virus can be detected within 30-60 days after the infection.

    It’s a highly contagious disease which can easily spread from an infected person to a healthy person. The virus mostly spreads through direct contact with infected blood, transfer from mother to baby during birth, by use of the contaminated needle, intimate contact with an infected person, using a razor and other items which contain remains of infected blood.

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    Herbal Remedies For Hepatitis

    According to Ayurveda, it comes under yakrit roga. Pitta dosha is much more aggravated in comparison to other two doshas.

    Planet Ayurveda offers best combination of effective herbal remedies such as Liver Care Pack for ayurvedic treatment of Hepatitis-b. These herbal remedies are prepared from using best quality herbs and strictly follow the principles of Ayurveda. All these herbal remedies of Planet Ayurveda are 100 percent pure, natural and vegetarian. These are free from chemicals, additives and preservatives. These remedies are safe to use as these are free from side effects.

    Factors Associated With Herbal Medicine Use

    The following variables were significantly associated with herbal medicine use: education status, duration of illness, current diagnosis, belief that herbal treatment is completely safe and a belief that concurrent use of herbal and conventional treatment is safe as shown in Table .

    Table 3 Factors associated with the use of herbal medicine among patients diagnosed with hepatitis

    The patients who had attained any form of education were less likely to use herbal medicine compared to those who were not educated however on adjusting for other factors, the education status was not found to be a significant factor in determining herbal medicine use.

    Patients who had been diagnosed with hepatitis for a duration greater than 1year between 13 and 24months longer than 24months before the study were also found to be less likely to use herbal therapies compared to those who had been diagnosed with hepatitis for a duration of less than 1year before adjusting for other factors.

    There was also a significant difference in the use of herbal medicine according to the type of hepatitis with which patients had been diagnosed. Patients who were diagnosed with hepatitis C and those diagnosed with other forms of hepatitis including alcoholic hepatitis and drug-induced hepatitis were more likely to use herbal therapies compared to those who were diagnosed with hepatitis B before adjusting for other factors.

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    Hepatitis B Virus Preparation And Infection

    HepAD38.7 is a specialized cell line that produces HBV in the absence of tetracycline . The cells were cultured without tetracycline, and the culture supernatant was collected every 3 days for up to 60 days. The culture supernatants were filtered through a 0.22 µm filter, and viruses were purified by polyethylene glycol precipitation. The virus was used to infect HepG2-NTCP cells and PXB-cells at 2 × 103 genome equivalents /cell. Infection was performed in the presence of 2% DMSO and 4% PEG 8000. After 24 h of infection, the cells were washed three times to remove remaining extracellular HBV particles.

    Combined Use Of Maoto And Lamivudine Decreases Hepatitis B Virus Replication More Efficiently Than The Individual Use

    Hepatitis B Herbal Cure – Ayurvedic treatment

    Considering that maoto suppresses an HBV infection step different from that of lamivudine , i.e., the reverse transcription step, we reasoned that a combined use of 3TC and maoto would suppress HBV replication more effectively. We therefore compared the effect of maoto alone, 3TC alone, and the combined use on HBV replication. Compared to maoto or 3TC alone, the combined use decreased HBV replication more efficiently as expected . These results suggest the potential of maoto for increasing the efficacy of current anti-HBV drugs when used in combination.

    Figure 4 Combined use of maoto and 3TC decreases hepatitis B virus replication more efficiently than the individual use. Cells were treated with distilled water , 30 µg/ml maoto alone, 250 nM lamivudine alone, or maoto and 3TC for 9 days with refreshing the medium and drugs every 3 days as shown in Figure 3A. HBV DNA in culture supernatants of the cells after 9 days of maoto treatment was measured by real-time PCR. Values are expressed as the mean percentage + S.E. of three independent experiments. *P< 0.05 **P< 0.01 ****P< 0.001 N.S., no significance.

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    Herbal Remedies For Hepatitis Endorsed

    Chukwuma Muanya

    Phyllanthus amarus

    Nigeria on Tuesday July 28, 2015, joined the rest of the world to mark the World Hepatitis Day. However, scientists have demonstrated how extracts of bitter leaf, bitter kola, garlic, Phyllanthus amarus, avocado, and turmeric offer protection against hepatitis B and C. CHUKWUMA MUANYA writes.

    Scientists have demonstrated how natural remedies provide cheaper route to prevention and treatment of hepatitis B and C, and indeed liver damage in the country. Top on the list are: bitter leaf, Phyllanthus amarus, avocado, turmeric, garlic, and bitter kola.

    No fewer than 20 million Nigerians are reported to be living with hepatitis B and C , and over five million are already chronically ill with liver cirrhosis or cancer. The viral infections are said to be 100 times more infectious than Human Immuno-deficiency Virus /Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome .

    Conventionally the virus can only be contained by vaccination, mass screening, and treatment. But the government is not forthcoming in performing these life saving measures probably because of the huge cost implication of screening over 100 million people and treating over 25 million that are infected.

    Phyllanthus amarus belongs to the plant family Euphorbiaceae. To the Efik it is called oyomokeso amanke edem geeron-tsuntsaayee in Hausa Ibo buchi oro, Ibo ngwu iyeke in Urhobo and ehin olobe or eyin olobe in Yoruba.

    Avocado PHOTO:

    Maoto Suppresses Hepatitis B Virus Production In The Context Of Infection

    Next, we examined the relevance of the inhibitory effect of maoto on HBV production in the context of HBV infection using HepG2-NTCP cells and primary human hepatocytes isolated from PXB-mice . HepG2-NTCP cells and PXB-cells were infected with HBV at 2×103 GEq/cell and treated with maoto at the indicated concentrations . The effects of maoto on HBV were evaluated at 6 and 9 days of maoto treatment in HepG2-NTCP cells and at 11 days of the treatment in PXB-cells . As shown in Figure 3B and Figure S1B, maoto did not exhibit any cytotoxicity to HepG2-NTCP cells and PXB-cells. We then found that maoto treatment resulted in dose-dependent suppression of extracellular HBV DNA production without affecting HBeAg expression, similar to the effects in HepAD38.7 cells . The IC50 of the maoto extract to inhibit HBV production was 33.2 ± 5.6 µg/ml in HepG2-NTCP cells and 7.5 ± 5.4 µg/ml in PXB-cells . These results confirmed the relevance of the inhibitory effect of maoto on HBV in the context of HBV infection.

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    Screening Of A Kampo Library For Suppression Of Hepatitis B Virus Production

    To identify anti-HBV Kampos, the INM Kampo library, containing 42 Kampo extracts, was first checked for cell toxicity. HepAD38.7 cells were treated with Kampo extracts, and cell viability was evaluated after 9 days of Kampo treatment . Among the 42 extracts, 41 resulted in > 80% viability . Then, the extracts without cytotoxicity were screened for their anti-HBV activity. HBV production was induced by removing tetracycline, and simultaneously, the cells were treated with or without Kampo extracts to evaluate the anti-HBV activity. Four of the 41 extracts suppressed extracellular HBV production in HepAD38.7 cells by > 25% . Since the maoto extract suppressed HBV production the most , we focused on the maoto extract for further investigation.

    Data Collection And Analysis

    Hepatitis B Herbal Cure â Ayurvedic treatment

    Review authors independently retrieved data from reports and after correspondence with investigators. Our primary outcomes were allcause mortality, serious adverse events, and healthrelated quality of life. Our secondary outcomes were hepatitis Brelated mortality, hepatitis Brelated morbidity, and adverse events considered ‘not to be serious’. We presented the metaanalysed results as risk ratios with 95% confidence intervals . We assessed the risks of bias using risk of bias domains with predefined definitions. We used GRADE methodology to evaluate our certainty in the evidence.

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    Cell Culture Of Plc/prf/5

    PLC/PRF/5 has been provided from our groups previous study . A complete medium containing Dulbeccos Modified Eagle Medium supplemented with 10% Fetal Bovine Serum and 1% Pen/Strep antibiotics was prepared for cell culture. A vial of cell line was melted and propagated on T-75 flasks and incubated at 37°C with 5% CO2 and 10% humidity. After reaching a confluency of 90%, the cells were harvested and seeded into 96-well plates supplemented with complete medium for cell cytotoxicity assay.

    Collection Of Chemical Compounds In Tgyp

    Compounds of the main herbs in TGYP, including Chaihu, Huangqi, Danggui, and Kudiding were searched in CNKI and TCMSP database . The active compounds in TCMSP were mainly filtered by integrating the pharmacokinetic properties comprising oral bioavailability 30%, drug-likeness 0.18, as well as half-life 4 h. The corresponding compounds chemical 2D structure SDF and canonical SMILES acquired from PubChem database . Data formats were transformed with Open Babel GUI software. The Venn diagram was charted by the Venn tool .

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    Icipants Included In The Review

    Participants with chronic hepatitis B were eligible for inclusion in the review. People with chronic active hepatitis B and chronic persistent hepatitis B were included in the review. Chronic cases of hepatitis B infection were defined in most included studies as those in which positive hepatitis B surface antigen and hepatitis B e antigen serum markers, and hepatitis B virus DNA genetic markers, persisted for at least 6 months. The average age of the included participants ranged from 14.8 to 38.5 years.

    What Do I Need To Know About Having Hepatitis B

    Formulation For Hepatitis B|Remedy At Home|Herbal Medicine

    If you have chronic hepatitis B, getting the right medical care can help you stay healthy. Taking good care of your liver is important. Talk with your doctor before you take any prescription medication, over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, or nutritional supplements to make sure they wont hurt your liver. You should also stay away from alcohol, because drinking can damage your liver.

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    Onosma Tissue Culture Infectious Dose 50

    As a result of cytotoxicity assay, tissue culture infectious dose 50 was obtained as 63.78 g/mL at 12 h post-treatment. No significant cytotoxicity was observed at 1, 2, 4, and 8 ppm concentrations at 12 h post-treatment of PLC/PRF/5. While higher concentrations of 64 and 128 ppm had 83 and 86% cytotoxicity, respectively .

    Fig. 1.

    Cytotoxicity of different concentrations of Havachoobe in the PLC/PRF/5 cell line containing integrated HBV genome at 12, 24, and 72 h post-treatment. No substantial cytotoxicity to concentrations below 8 ppm was observed.

    At this point, 4 concentrations with no cytotoxicity were selected for the investigation of HBsAg secretion in the PLC/PRF/5 cell line supernatant using the ELISA assay. As shown in Figure 2, reduced concentrations of HBsAg were observed in a time-dependent manner at the extracts 8 ppm. However, the HBsAg level restored after 48 and 72 h of post-treatment.

    Fig. 2.

    Qualitative ELISA assay results. It shows a significant reduction in HBsAg levels at 12 h post-treatment. There were no significant differences between 48 and 72 h post-treatment levels of HBsAg. At 12 h, there was a significant reduction in HBsAg at 8 ppm compared to 1, 2, and 4 ppm . HBsAg, hepatitis B virus surface antigen.

    Fig. 3.

    Profile And Patterns Of Herbal Medicine Use

    The most commonly used herbal therapies have been described in Table . The majority of the patients reported that while they did know the types of herbal medicines which they picked themselves or get from friends or family members, they did not know which exact herbs are part of the herbal preparations obtained from herbalists and herbal medicine retailers.

    Table 2 Commonly used herbs by patients diagnosed with viral and non-viral hepatitis in Kampala, Uganda

    Majority of the patients reported using a liquid form of herbal medicine, with 100/143 patients reporting oral administration in form of teas or juices. Herbal medicine retailers and herbalists were reported as the more common sources of herbal medicine with each having 55/143 of herbal medicine users reporting them as their sources, 30/143 obtained the herbal medicine from friends and family members, and 18/143 reporting that they picked the herbal medicine themselves.

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    Help And Support For Hbv

    Liver care is important: Avoid drinking alcohol and do not take prescription drugs without consulting your physician, get yourself tested for hepatitis A and C. vaccinated for hepatitis A if you are not exposed.

    Be in touch with your family & friends: we can not get Hepatitis B through casual contact, so dont cut yourself off from people who can offer support.

    Take of your health: Eat more fruits, and green vegetables, exercise, regularly, and sleep well at least 8 hours daily,

    Do not share: Never share your personal belonging with anyone including grooming products such as razor blades and which might have a bloodstain on them.

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    How Do I Get Hepatitis B Treatment

    Herbal Medicine For Hepatitis B

    Usually for adults, hepatitis B goes away on its own and you wont need treatment. Your doctor might tell you to rest, eat well, and get plenty of fluids. You may also get medicines to help with any symptoms you might have but be sure to talk with your doctor or nurse before taking anything.

    If you have chronic hepatitis, there are medicines you can take to treat it. Your doctor will tell you about your options and help you get whatever treatment you need.

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