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What Is Hepatic Dog Food

Common Symptoms Best Dog Food For Liver Problems

Homemade Dog Food for Liver Disease Recipe (Easy to Make)

In a lot of cases, liver problems will have no observable symptoms, especially in the early stages. Despite being one of the major organs of the body, a liver can stay functional even at a reduced capacity. However, if the disease is untreated, the reduction of liver function can result in the following symptoms:

  • Jaundice which results in yellowing of the eyes and tongue
  • reduced appetite
  • digestive issues which include diarrhea and vomiting
  • loss of weight
  • nerve symptoms such as numbness circling are the usurers
  • bloated or swollen stomach
  • Thirstiness
  • frequent itching

Although there is no one reason why your dog may suffer, it is often connected with inflammation which by itself can be caused by other diseases such as cancer, parasites, fungus, and even a viral infection. Vets point out the following causes that can cause liver disease:

  • trauma in the abdomen area
  • anemia
  • toxin exposure
  • disorders in the immune system

The symptoms mentioned can be connected to other health problems in dogs. Before you transition to another diet for your pooch or begin any treatment, it is best to get your dog checked by a vet so preventive measures can be applied under an experts instructions.

What To Know About Liver Disease In Dogs

If your dog has recently been diagnosed with liver disease, you likely have questions. What exactly is liver disease? What treatment options are available? What type of diet should I feed them?

While you should rely on your veterinarian to ultimately make a proper diagnosis and choose the most appropriate treatment for your dog, the following primer is designed to help you better understand this complex disease and what you can do to reduce the risks.

Defining liver disease

Because the liver plays key roles in almost every metabolic processfrom assisting with digestion and storing vitamins and minerals, to metabolizing drugs and detoxifyingthe diseases affecting it can vary widely. The term liver disease can actually refer to several different ailments impacting the liver and impairing its function, from infections to tumors to endocrine disorders. These are some of the most common diseases that impact the liver:

  • Chronic canine hepatitis, the ongoing presence of inflammation of the liver.
  • Copper storage hepatopathy, which occurs when the liver absorbs more copper than it needs, eventually resulting in liver toxicity.
  • Liver cancers, such as primary hepatocellular carcinoma and hemangiosarcoma
  • Liver infections, including canine infectious hepatitis and leptospirosis
  • Liver shunts , which occur when the blood vessels dont communicate properly with the liver, so blood from the gastrointestinal system flows through the body, bypassing the liver, causing a buildup of toxins

What Things Do You Need To Look For In The Best Dog Foods For Liver Disease

The wrong ingredients can increase the livers toxicity levels, which can worsen your dogs condition. Avoid a diet high in sodium and copper.

Elevated levels of these two ingredients can put unnecessary stress on the liver, while copper poisoning can cause severe issues in dogs that already have liver issues.

Some foods that contain high copper content include salmon, pork, and duck. Liver and organ meats should also be avoided.

Your dogs diet should also contain moderate levels of protein. While a high-protein content is not a problem per se, the ammonia content in protein can cause issues in dogs with liver problems.

This is why you might find some vets recommending a low-protein diet for dogs with liver issues.

The protein content of your dogs diet should be supplied by high-quality proteins such as real chicken, turkey, lamb, or white fish.

These high-quality protein sources will have the least amount of ammonia but still contain essential amino acids. In addition, dairy products such as yogurt, ricotta, cottage cheese, and goat cheese are also excellent protein sources.

Dogs suffering from liver health concerns should also not be fed a diet high in reduced sugars or refined carbohydrates.

On the other hand, complex carbs with high levels of soluble fiber will help absorb ammonia and reduce nitrogenous waste. Foods like oatmeal, white rice, barley, and pumpkin are beneficial sources of fiber.

  • Vitamin B
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Zinc

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What Kinds Of Liver Should Your Dog Eat

When choosing the kind of organ meat to give your dog, you should do a bit of research into which one is the best so that your dog will get the most from what you feed them.

Most grocery stores will carry two kinds of livers, having them readily available. These types are chicken liver and beef liver. Both of these are great for your dog and packed with so many vitamins and minerals.

Along with being wonderfully high in so many good things, both are also low in saturated fat and low in calories.

If you are looking at adding a great addition to your dogs dog food, both chicken liver, and beef liver will do the job.

Royal Canin Hepatic Dog Food Premium Choice

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Hepatic Formula Canned Dog ...

If you dont mind dishing out a little extra on their new diet, this ROYAL CANIN 460477 Canine Hepatic DryDog Food is our premium choice. It is a recipe specifically formulated to support liver recuperation, symptom management, and optimal nutrition.

This kind has all the goodies your pup needs. With lower sodium and copper content, it will aid in lower blood pressure and metal buildup in your dogs system. It has a boost of zinc, fiber, B-vitamins, and omega-3 fatty acids. That will help to reduce inflammation and support healing.

It has vegetable proteins for dogs who have neurological issues because of liver disease. This is a very healthful, nutrient-packed, specialized recipe to help your dog thrive and recover. While high-priced, this food seems to deliver in all the areas it should. If money is no object, it would be worth it, which is why it is our premium choice pick for the best dry dog food for liver disease.

While the Honest Kitchen Food for Dogs is geared toward adults, many find it is an excellent recipe for puppies as well. It is so much within proper parameters for food safety that they consider it human grade. It is a dehydrated selection, so you just add warm water and stir it to make a mouth-watering meal.

If your dog suffers from liver disease and also requires a higher protein diet, this may be a fit. Your vet should verify that it is safe for their overall wellbeing.

  • Recent recipe change

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Best Dog Food With Liver

Here are our dog food with liver reviews.

Ketogenic Pet Foods Beef Heart and Liver blend is a high-protein, fat-rich dog food that can be used as a supplement to your dogs current food, or on its own. It contains no conventional starch pet food ingredients.

  • Enriched with micronutrients and oils
  • 44% protein content

ORIJEN Fit & Trim is a premium adult dry dog food made from whole-animal ingredients including chicken liver, turkey liver and cod liver. This biologically appropriate blend is made with regional ingredients for maximum freshness.

  • Made with raw, fresh or dehydrated animal ingredients
  • Fit& Trim blend for overall health and weight loss
  • Includes whole pumpkin, apples and squash

Rawz Meal Free Dry Dog Food is a high-protein blend including dehydrated chicken and turkey livers. This premium blend has no rendered chicken fat, fillers or poultry meal.

  • Natural 12% fat content
  • Gently cooked to retain protein and amino acids
  • Suitable for all life stages and breeds

ORIJEN Regional Red is a high-protein dog food made with premium red meat. This blend includes lamb liver, beef liver, wild boar liver and pork liver.

  • Wholeprey diet includes meat, organs and cartilage
  • Cooked at low temperature to concentrate protein
  • 2/3 of ingredients are fresh or raw

Stella & Chewys Freeze-Dried Raw Dinner Patties area great blend of raw grass-fed venison and lamb. These tasty patties are 95 per cent meat, organs and bone, including liver.

Is Bone Broth Good For Dogs With Liver Problems

Most dog owners have discovered the benefits of bone broth. If not helping your dogs coat health, this bone broth will improve your dogs digestive system health.

Even with such a wealth of benefits, is bone broth good for dogs with poor liver function?

Bone broth is delicious nutrient-dense dog food for liver problems that you can give your furry friend with dog liver disease. You can use bone broth to improve the taste of any dry dog food for liver disease. You can also use bone broth to increase your dogs food protein content.

However, avoid giving dogs with chronic liver problems too much bone broth. The reason being bone broth comes loaded with extra proteins that your dogs liver may find hard to metabolize.

Improper metabolism of proteins in your dogs liver leads to increased ammonia levels in the blood.

The ammonia mixes with lots of toxins in your dogs blood affecting the central nervous system.

This condition is known as hepatic encephalopathy with symptoms like spacing out, seizures, and loss of appetite.

As a precaution, enquire from the vet whether bone broth is a proper diet for your dog with poor liver function.

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Purina Pro Plan Savor Adult Shredded Blend Lamb & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Lamb, 2. Rice Flour, 3. Corn Gluten Meal, 4. Whole Grain Wheat, 5. Chicken By-Product Meal

This offering from ProPlan is formulated with probiotics to aid in digestion and provide for good overall health. Easier digestion means less stress on the liver, which makes this a good option for dogs with liver problems. Additionally, the nutrient profile is rich in essential fatty acids and uses lamb as the primary ingredient.

The complete and balanced nutrition is all that your dog needs to support great health and aid in disease prevention. Offer your dog the savory flavor of a perfect mixture of palatable shreds and kibble.

Royal Canin Hepatic Adult Dry Dog Food

Weruva Amazon Liver – Wet Dog Food Review & Demo

If your dog suffers with liver problems, such as liver insufficiency or liver disease, a specially formulated hepatic diet with specifically adapted nutrients can help to support them. Available in 1.5 kg, 6 kg, and 12 kg bags, ROYAL CANIN® Hepatic is tailor-made to support the nutritional needs of dogs with liver issues. This exclusive formula contains a specifically adapted, high quality protein content including highly digestible vegetable proteins. These nutrients help to support your dogs liver function in cases of chronic liver insufficiency.

As copper can be toxic to the liver, feeding a diet with reduced levels of this nutrient is important and ROYAL CANIN® Hepatic is suitably low in copper. ROYAL CANIN® Hepatic is formulated with a high energy content to help reduce the volume of your dogs meal and decrease their intestinal load, whilst ensuring that if the liver is able to there is enough energy available to support regeneration. As part of the ROYAL CANIN® Veterinary Range, it is important that this product is only given to your pet when recommended by a veterinary professional. To cater to each dogs individual preferences and support a variable appetite, ROYAL CANIN® Hepatic is also available as wet food. If youre considering mixed feeding, simply follow the on-pack feeding guidelines to ensure your dog gets an accurate amount of both wet and dry food for optimal benefit.

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Nutro Max Adult Dry Dog Food

This Nutro MAX Adult Dry Dog Food comes from one of the top dog food brands Nutro. Therefore, it ensures to bring about a high-quality meal as well as helps your dog to improve his health.

Well, this recipe is considered to provide the best nutrients for the dog with livers issues. Specifically, the Nutro MAX comes with essential minerals and vitamins. Also, its protein content is quite high with amino acids. Meanwhile, a large amount of fiber comes from farm-raside chicken and gains that is extremely safe for your dog.

Regarding its safety, it is all-natural, as well as has no preservatives or additives that are harmful to your dog.

Because of its various nutrients, this food not only helps to heal your dogs liver problem but also improve his dental health, digestive health, and immune system. With the vitamin and minerals, it supports to promote your pets muscle mass and coat, as well.

You can use the Nutro Max for any dogs with different sizes and stages in life. Additionally, it can be served by dry and wet form, depending on your dogs desire. Also, you can combine this food with others to diversify your dogs meal.


  • Suitable for both puppies and adult dogs
  • Easy to combine with others
  • Provide various nutrients
  • No additives or artificial flavoring
  • Brand Reputation
  • Possible digestive sensitivity

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Deboned Chicken, 2. Chicken Meal, 3. Brown Rice, 4. Barley, 5. Oatmeal

The Life Protection formula by Blue Buffalo provides a healthy, holistic diet for your four-legged best friend. Its a good option for keeping your dogs liver in great shape as the formula includes only premium-quality ingredients including real meat, garden vegetables, whole-grains, flavorful fruits, and added LifeSource Bits. Your dog gets a precise blend of nutrients enhanced with a super-7 package of antioxidant-rich ingredients. Your dog will fall in love with the savory taste.

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Other Kinds Of Liver You Can Feed Your Dog

Other than chicken liver and beef liver, dogs can also be fed the pork liver, goat liver, calves liver, and duck liver.

You can even find deer liver if you ask around, as many hunters or wildlife processors will have it. If this is the case, you should be sure to freeze it for a couple of weeks before using it to ensure it is free of parasites.

What Is Liver Disease

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Hepatic Dry Dog Food ...

The liver breaks down and eliminates toxins and waste within the body. It also secretes bile to help aid in digestion. When the blood passing through can no longer filter correctly, it leads to bigger problems.

The liver is such a primary part of the bodys natural flow, and many issues can lead to liver disease. Some of these pre-existing issues include:

  • Canine hepatitis
  • Endocrine diseases

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Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Hepatic Dry Dog Food

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Best Dog Foods With Liver

This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links, at no cost to you.

In small portions, liver can provide the taste and nutritional boost youve been looking for in your dogs food. As always, ensure there is a balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats, along with a blend of nutritious fruits or vegetables for your dogs optimal health.

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What If Your Dog Really Doesnt Like Raw Liver

Since liver is so packed with vitamins and nutrients, its hard to find an alternative that will provide the same benefits.

If you are really set on feeding your dog a raw diet instead of the normal dog food, you should try to find ways to get your dogs to eat it because eventually, they will get used to it.

As stated previously, the best way to do this is to puree the liver you want to give your dog before mixing it in with the other types of meat included in their dog food.

A great tip to convince your dog to eat liver is to include green tripe since dogs love it and cover the smell.

Prescription Dog Food For Liver Disease

Gone to the Dogs Again! Beef and Liver Dog Food: Noreen’s Kitchen

The best commercial foods usually come highly recommended by dog parents.

So, it is very easy for you to consider buying a given food brand based on the recommendation of another dog parent.

But we strongly discourage such a decision. It should click in your mind that managing liver diseases in dogs isnt as easy as skin and coat care.

And thats why a prescription and recommendation from your pals veterinarian is very important.

Prescription dog foods are specially formulated to deal with liver diseases. You can buy them through your dogs vet or directly online or from the manufacturer.

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The 12 Best Dog Food For Liver Disease In Canines

The right dog food can help your pet fight diseases and lead a long, healthy life. When it comes to liver problems, managing your dogs diet is no exception.

Specific diets can ward off life-threatening liver failure and help reduce your dogs pain. It can even help the liver repair itself.

Take a look at some of the best foods for dogs with liver disease:

Is Liver Disease A Life

Unfortunately, just like humans, dogs can die because of liver failure. It is a life-threatening condition that demands prompt medical care. The initial symptoms of liver disease may not be very serious, but as the condition progresses, it can become more serious. Jaundice, easy bruising or bleeding, and swelling in the legs and abdomen due to fluid, are some common symptoms of end-stage liver failure.

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