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At Home Hepatitis C Test

Why Is A Hepatitis C Test Important

Dry Blood Spot-Testing for Hep C – how to use the kit

A hepatitis C test is essential to identify the extent of a persons infection, if there is one. This makes treating the condition much more effective.

Getting tested is the first step towards responsibility in the maintenance of a persons sexual health. Also, it helps the patient and those who might be at risk of the infection, like loved ones and partners.

Top three reasons to consider testing yoursef for and STI

When Should I Test For Hep C

Many people dont feel sick when they first get hep C. If you are exposed to hep C, your body will try and fight the virus for 6 months. 1 in 4 people will clear hep C in those first 6 months.

People who dont clear their hep C will have whats called chronic hep C. You can get tested for hep C straight after you think you have been exposed, but you will need to go back for another test after 12 weeks and possibly again at 6 months.

You might be able to access testing and healthcare via your computer or phone.

How Accurate Are Sti Test Kits

We guarantee the highest clinical quality & sensitivity STI testing available.

Your tests are analysed in UKAS accredited, CPA approved and ISO certified laboratories.

This is the highest level of clinical accreditation in the UK. We achieve the same level of quality as trusted by NHS hospitals, private clinics & general practitioners.

We work exclusively with the largest independent provider of clinical laboratory diagnostics in the UK. By utilising over 30 years of testing experience we deliver maximum reassurance for critical health tests.

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Are Test Results Accurate

Hepatitis C antibody tests are an important tool to detect and treat hepatitis C before it causes damage in the body. At-home hepatitis C tests are one of several methods to test for HCV antibodies and allow you to collect a blood sample without making an appointment with your doctor.

The accuracy of HCV antibody tests depends on several factors, including the type of test used and the time since you were exposed to the virus. Initial research into at-home test kits suggests that at-home hepatitis C testing may be just as accurate as antibody testing conducted in a hospital as long as the included instructions are strictly followed.

Misleading test results can occur if HCV antibody testing is conducted too early after infection. HCV antibodies may not be detectable for 11 weeks after infection and can remain undetectable for up to 6 months. In patients who are immunocompromised, the development of HCV antibodies may take even longer.

What Happens If My Sti Check Is Positive

At Home Hepatitis C Test

Firstly, please dont panic. Most conditions can be treated simply and effectively with medication. Well provide you with the details of our Pharmacist partners who can issue a prescription for the medication you need or you can take the results to your GP.

If you test positive for HIV then a second test is required for confirmation. This helps decide where to be referred to for treatment and additional support. We recommend discussing with the HIV specialists at the fantastic Terrence Higgins Trust and/or making an appointment at your nearest GUM clinic.

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When To Test For Hepatitis C

If you think youve been exposed to hepatitis C or have symptoms, visit your GP or a sexual health clinic immediately for advice. Getting treatment early is the best way to prevent the infection from spreading.

Most tests are accurate at 12 weeks after sexual contact, but it can take up to 9 months for an infection to show up accurately in a test.

If you are not sure when you might have been exposed, do a test now, and another test in 9 months. Our clinicians can help you work out when to test again once youve placed your order.

Hepatitis C Testing Types

Testing for hep C starts off with a hep C antibody test. This test looks for human antibodies something that your body produces to fight the virus. If your hep C antibody test result is positive, then it means you have been exposed to the hep C virus at some point.

If you get a positive antibody result, then your sample of blood is tested again using a PCR test. This test looks for parts of the actual hep C virus. If the PCR test result is positive it means that you have hep C. Have a look at our Hep C Testing chart for more info on hep C tests.

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How Can I Cover Medication Costs

New therapies called direct-acting antivirals are effective and can achieve cures of over 90%. Because these new therapies are very new, they remain very expensive. As such, drug coverage from both government and private companies may require that your liver disease has progressed to a certain stage before they are willing to cover the cost of these drugs.

Talk with your healthcare provider about financial support that may be available.

Below are useful resources when looking for financial assistance:Private health insurance or drug plansIf you have private health insurance or a drug plan at work, you may be able to have the medication paid through your plan. Please consult your private health insurance or drug plan provider to see if your drug is covered.

Publicly funded plansEach provincial and territorial government offers a drug benefit plan for eligible groups. Some are income-based universal programs. Most have specific programs for population groups that may require more enhanced coverage for high drug costs. These groups include seniors, recipients of social assistance, and individuals with diseases or conditions that are associated with high drug costs. For more details, please contact your provincial or territorial health care ministry, or click on the appropriate link below.


Available Patient Assistance Programs for Hepatitis C treatment Holkira Pak Maviret

MerckCare Hepatitis C Program 1 872-5773 Zepatier

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How Does The Test Work

What is #Hepatitis C? Symptoms, Causes, Transmission and How to #Test for Hepatitis From Home

For the Hepatitis C Test, you use a lancet to collect a small blood sample from your fingertip. Only a few drops of blood are necessary.

You collect the sample on a dried blood spot card and send it in the included mailing envelope free of charge to our CLIA-certified partner lab, which will analyze your blood for the presence of the Hepatitis C Virus . After your sample has been analyzed, you will receive a results report in your user account on our website or in the my cerascreen® app.

Please note: The cerascreen® Syphilis Test does not replace medical advice or diagnosis. Your test result alone is not sufficient for independent treatment and measures. Please always consult your responsible physicians* if you want to take further measures.

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This Hepatitis C Screening Test Checks Whether You Have Antibodies Against Hepatitis C

In the event that your test results are abnormal, an associate from our physician network will contact you directly to discuss your particular case as well as provide information on how to take the next steps to get confirmatory testing. We take customer privacy very seriously and will never share your information with a third-party with the exception of the lab we use to test your sample and our physician network.

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Most Accurate: Idna Cbox Plus

iDNA cBox Plus

Why We Chose It: We likeiDNA cBox Plus because of its99.9% accuracy and free retest on positive results.

  • Free retest on positive results

  • More expensive

  • No service available to discuss results

iDNAs cBox Plus is a test you can rely on. With more than 99.9% accuracy, you will never have to second-guess your results, and you’ll be able to move to the next step of care with confidence.

The testing process is safe, simple, and private. You can either take a blood and urine sample or a vaginal swab. Then, you mail your samples to iDNAs labs. Results are available in a few days and are provided via a private and secure online portal.

Although the kit has a hefty price tag, you will not only be getting tested for hepatitis C, but nine other sexually transmitted diseases and infections including chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, HIV I and II, syphilis, herpes II, HPV, mycoplasma, and ureaplasma.

To test for hepatitis C and nine other STDs, the kit runs about $298.

General Symptoms And Health Risks Of Hepatitis C

At Home Hepatitis C Test

Symptoms of hepatitis C include jaundice and susceptibility to bleeding and bruising. People may also experience a lack of appetite, fatigue, and itchy skin. Several other symptoms include swelling of the legs, murky urine, and weight-loss.

Hepatitis C may also cause a build-up of fluid in your abdomen. Some people also feel increasingly tired, confused with the slurring of their speech. Spider angiomas or spiderlike blood vessels may also appear on the skin in some instances.

Chronic hepatitis C may lead to liver scarring , liver cancer, or even liver failure.

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Diagnosis And Hepatitis C Elimination

In one report, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine explored the feasibility of hepatitis C elimination and concluded that hepatitis C could be eliminated as a public health problem in the United States, but that substantial obstacles exist . In another report, specific actions were recommended to achieve elimination considering information, interventions, service delivery, financing, and research . These reports were the culmination of decades of progress in the development of HCV infection diagnostic and therapeutic tools.

In 1990, serologic tests to detect immunoglobulin G anti-HCV by enzyme immunoassay were licensed and became commercially available in the United States, and U.S. blood banks voluntarily began testing donations for anti-HCV . In 1991, U.S. Public Health Service issued interagency guidelines addressing hepatitis C screening of blood, organs, and tissues . These guidelines recommended hepatitis C testing for all donations of whole blood and components for transfusion, as well as testing serum/plasma from donors of organs, tissues, or semen intended for human use .

Monitor Your Liver And Overall Health

editorial processLearn moreMedical Expert BoardLearn moreeditorial process our process

Having hepatitis C can be like swimming in murky water: You can’t see if there’s danger ahead. That’s because the virus can live quietly inside the body for years until it causes liver and even kidney damage. Because people can be asymptomatic, testing can be the one method of being sure whether you have hepatitis C. Luckily, with at-home hepatitis C tests, you can ease your mind from the comfort of your own home.

At-home testing allows you to ditch the health clinic lines and get results back quickly from certified labs. If you feel like your body may have been exposed either through drug-injection, sex, unregulated tattoos or body piercings, or sharing personal items, getting tested is recommended as soon as youre aware. Here we rounded up the best at-home hepatitis C tests, so you can start taking care of your health.

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Book Your Instant Hepatitis C Test

Arranging your private appointment is quick, easy and stress-free. Simply get in touch with Better2Know either by phone or email or you can book online. We are here 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We will then send you confirmation of your booking and details of how to log into your patient area to see your appointment details and a map of the clinic.

What Is A Hepatitis C Screening

Home Access Health’s Mail-In HIV-1 and Hepatitis C Lab Test Demo

Testing for hepatitis C involves a blood test called an HCV antibody test . This test determines if youve ever had a hepatitis C infection by checking your blood for HCV-specific antibodies.

If you test positive for HCV antibodies, youll need to undergo follow-up testing. Having antibodies does not mean you currently have an active infection. It may simply mean that you have had a prior exposure that your immune system cleared.

To check whether you have an active infection, a doctor will order a nucleic acid test . A positive result means the virus is currently active in your bloodstream. If you get a negative result, the virus was once in your body, but its not anymore.

  • have HIV
  • have ever had a needle-stick injury or potentially been exposed to HCV-positive blood
  • have had a tattoo or piercing done outside of a professional sterile environment

According to the , HCV may be passed through sexual activity, though this is not common. The agency notes that your risk may be increased if you:

  • have a sexually transmitted infection
  • have sex with multiple partners
  • have anal sex

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What Are The Steps For A Person To Take The Test

Before a person takes a test, they should read the instructions in detail.

To take a self-test, the tester must:

  • Wash and dry their hands.
  • Use the lancet to draw a drop of blood and allow the drop of blood to fall into bottle 1, without touching their finger on the opening of the bottle. Cap the bottle.
  • Shake and pour the liquid from this bottle into the testing device and allow a few seconds for the liquid to disappear.
  • Shake and pour the liquid from bottle 2 into the device and allow a few seconds for the liquid to disappear.
  • Shake and pour the liquid from bottle 3 into the device and allow a few seconds for the liquid to disappear.

In total, the test normally takes less than five minutes to perform.

The results of the test will be displayed on the testing device as soon as the liquid from bottle 3 disappears into the device. The test results are simple to interpret. A control dot should appear near the top of the test window to indicate that the test has worked. If no control dot appears, the test kit has not worked and the test should be repeated using a new kit.

If a second dot appears , this indicates a reactive result. If no second dot appears, this indicates a negative result.

The following images show the possible results of the test:

Reactive result

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Hepatitis C Viral Load / Hcv Rna Quantitative Testing

The viral load of hepatitis C refers to the amount of virus present in the bloodstream. The quantitative HCV RNA tests measure the amount of hepatitis C virus in the blood. The result will be an exact number, such as â1,215,422 IU/L.â Many people refer to the quantitative measurement as the hepatitis C âviral load.â

Viral load tests are used to confirm active hepatitis C infection and are used during treatment to help determine response. If you have lower levels of virus in your blood when you start treatment, you may have a better chance of getting rid of the virus.

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Persons At Risk For Hcv Infection

IDU is the most common means of HCV transmission in the United States. Invasive medical procedures pose risks for HCV infection when standard infection-control practices are not followed . Health carerelated hepatitis C outbreaks also stem from drug diversion . Although HCV infection is primarily associated with IDU, high-risk behaviors , primarily among persons with HIV, are also important risk factors for transmission . Other possible exposures include sharing personal items contaminated with blood , unregulated tattooing, needlestick injuries among health care personnel, and birth to a mother with hepatitis C. Receipt of donated blood, blood products, and organs was once a common means of transmission but is now rare in the United States .

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Current Hepatitis C Testing Recommendations

At Home Hepatitis C Test

Recently, several organizations have issued hepatitis C virus screening recommendations. In general, major guidelines now recommend routine one-time universal HCV testing for adults 18 years of age and older, routine HCV screening of pregnant individuals, screening younger persons at risk of acquiring HCV, and repeat screening for those with ongoing risk for HCV acquisition.

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